Jill Peterson here, from A Simple Life Magazine. I hope you’ll travel along with me on my journey through this blessed life ~ publishing a magazine about early and primitive antiques, history, living history museums and wonderful homes. I also publish hardback books on similar subjects from time to time. I hope to share some worthy posts here, that will either make you laugh, think, ponder or get inspired. Let me know how I’m doing and tell me about your day by leaving a comment. I hope to post often so check in on me from time to time. I will also publish things here that you won’t see or hear about in the magazine so let this be a place to get the first scoop on new things to come! Thank you for traveling along with me …

http://www.asimplelifemagazine.com                                                                                  email me: circa1850@msn.com

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jill, I’m so happy your doing a blog, have loved the magazine from the first issue, best wishes on all your new endeavors, including your move to Virginia, you’re an Appalachian now, in body as well as soul!!


  2. Oh my glob, Miss Jill!! What the stuff!!
    Sigh….I couldn’t pick a favorite book anymore than I could pick a favorite child( don’t tell them that, it’s my only leverage )
    Meaningful words touch our hearts, minds and souls like nothing else but love…..The written word is love WE can touch for a lifetime and beyond …..it’s staggering to think what words put together into thoughts has generated…..even a simple diary can explain a lifetime….How lucky are we to be able to share such knowledge!!
    Love your “glob” Miss Jill….thank you…


  3. Jill,
    I just checked on Amazon and they say that your cookbook is not available at this time…….
    Please, please, please, where might I find one?


  4. LOVE your site!! ESPECIALLY the music, I grew up with that wonderful bluegrass of Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley! I would love to live in a log cabin in the mountains but I just can’t seem to get there:) BUT I am there in my heart, AND in ASL!! I love the magazine, thank you so much for publishing it!!!


  5. Love your magazine. Just finished reading your blog for 2016. I feel like I’ve known you forever. My heart is crushed over the devastation in east Tennessee. It was very nice chatting with you at the show in Amishland in Illinois. Just random thoughts….


  6. It is now autumn in New England and the colors seem to resonate with the treen and pots that make each photograph from Jill arouse feelings of my childhood in DeerRidge, Missouri . . . for A Simple Life keeps those memories of a life wrenched from red clay fields and gardens, Buff Orphington chickens, and catfish in Crooked Creek, muddily lazing along just 50 feet behind our pre Civil War
    brick house. We are lucky to have Jill and ASL to keep that life a part of our 21 century quandries.


  7. Ahhh, such precious memories Jerrilee. I can just see the home and landscape of your childhood home in Missouri through your words. Our growing up place has a strong hold on our spirit and it will forever draw us back, and I’m so grateful for it. I’m can’t imagine where this year has gone, but I cherish fall in all her glory! Blessings to you and Ted in your little piece of heaven in New England!


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