Home of Bucky & Jeannie Hess!

Coming to the 2019 Christmas Issue, the WV home of Bucky & Jeannie Hess! James Cramer And I had the privilege of spending two wonderful days with Jeannie this past week, in her wonderful saltbox home surrounded by the greatest early collection of antiques. I am officially inspired for the New Year!!

Jeannie and her husband got a new puppy for Christmas and James immediately became “Uncle Jimmie!”

Back at Seven Gates Farm Jimmie has a rogue chicken that lives on the back porch. As much as I’m afraid of feathered friends, I risked getting this cute pic! Ha!

This trip was the BEST start to a New Year – thank you Jeannie, and I love you Jimmie!!

12 thoughts on “Home of Bucky & Jeannie Hess!

  1. There you go teasing us about the Christmas issue. I’m already looking forward to it. Love seeing Jimmy with the puppy and I had to laugh about you saying you were afraid of feathered friends. I can’t picture you being afraid of anything! I also love that blue wall box. I have several of various ages and styles and love them. Happy New Year again!…….Teresa


  2. Mornin’ Jill, Thanks for the earworm…..”and they call it puppy love” TeeHeeHee!!!
    The weather is so unpredictable; just look at Jimmie in shirt sleeves in WV in January and not a flake of snow!!
    Wonderful photos of this home; any of which would make a great cover! SPECTACULAR wall box filled perfectly with sweet treasures to explore!


  3. I think we had all the snow here for your Christmas shoot. Jimmie tickles me to pieces, tons of fun when he is around. Sending warm hugs your way and safe travels my friend,


  4. Oh my, another great home visit to look forward too!! I am in love with Jimmie Cramer’s chicken too! I can understand your caution with some feathered friends. When my daughter was little and taking riding lessons, the barn had the meanest rooster ever. We all ran away from him too. However, one day, I was taking the location between him and my little daughter and that ole mean rooster spurred me good! I was terrified and I think my scream scared him away!! LOL!!! But hens….well I would love, love a few. Don’t laugh now, but Rural King store had this bin of stuffed chickens, that were about the real size, and I got one for my back porch. I even named her SweetPea!! LOL!! She is soft and sort of works like a fluffy pillow but I just love how real she looks. May daughter said, “Mom, you really need a cat or something!! Naming a stuffed chicken is too weird”!! LOL!!!


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