Happy New Year 2019

Another year passed, and just like my mama promised- the older you get the faster they go. I was awake at 3:00 am ( but not at midnight!) reflecting on the passing of time. It seems I am guilty of always looking to the next ” thing,” and saying, when that is over, or when I finish that…. then I will slow down. Or then I will get my house in order …” and in doing that, I never enjoy the “thing.” At the start of November I had 7 weeks in a row of places I had to be. Suddenly it’s the end of December and all that is done and the holidays are over and I don’t think I even blinked, and now it’s gone.

A few years back I wrote a letter in the magazine about living in the moment. At the time, I thought I understood that. But I’m not sure I did. I feel it now more than ever and hope that this new year will be the one that I truly make that happen. I hope I enjoy my next photo shoot (this week by the way) instead of thinking, “when that’s over I need to….” I hope I enjoy my next antique show before I start planning what to take to the one after that.

I also hope to spend more time with you here on the blog in the coming months. I’ve surely neglected it. I want to use the excuse that my blog software isn’t working on my computer so I have to do all this typing on my phone and I’m a one finger phone typer at best! Ha! ( So the first thing I’m going to do tomorrow is call tech support and get that fixed!)

I wish I could wax poetic about all the things I wish for you in the New Year, but this quote by Neil Gaiman sums it all up so perfectly that I’m going to just share it:

The only thing missing is that I wish you Music- lot’s and lots of good Music!

I enjoyed a wonderful quiet two days in front of a roaring fire over Christmas. I enjoyed stringing beads, which gives me great joy and I usually don’t have time to just create for a whole day.

We didn’t have snow for Christmas, but boy did we get a doozy earlier in December! I was stuck in KY after a wonderful Christmas photo shoot and couldn’t come home because we had 17″ of the beautiful white stuff. No way my red rocket was making it up Walker’s Knob after that!

But boy did Folsom love his first snow!!

I had some incredible Christmas photo shoots this year (and one more on Thursday) that I’m excited to share with you in this year’s special Christmas issue. I was blessed to have snow for some of them!

Well my friends, a warm fire awaits me downstairs and so do some Iowa Twin Bings that a dear friend sent yesterday. So I’m going to enjoy this holiday, and live in the moment! That is also my wish for you. ❤️

28 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2019

  1. Loved your blog everything you said is so true. The homestead looks great with all the snow and don’t you just love dogs running in the snow they are so happy it just makes you laugh. All the best to you in the New Year!


  2. You know how I feel, my sweet sister. You are such a blessing to so many, just don’t forget about Jill! Our world would be lost without you! You have needs just like we do. Love ya


  3. Your so right Jill with this blog, I’m always looking ahead & I’m taking your advice. Your farm is so beautiful in the snow & Folsom sure likes it. The winter issue is one of my favorites love it. Can’t wait for issues to arrive in 2019. Happy New Year to you & Todd.


  4. I also look ahead and that’s not a bad thing as long as you also enjoy the moment you’re in. I feel content today with my family here with all the traditional New Year’s food, and yes we eat the real hog jowl. Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s not good. If you like bacon, it’s like bacon on steroids. After various happenings over the year I feel strangely content and comfortable in my own skin for a change. It’s not always that way but for today it is. I hope it is for you and I wish you all the best in 2019. I hope we cross paths again somewhere down the road. God Bless you and yours and everyone reading this. Take care and just “keep on, keeping on”!…….Teresa


    1. Happy New Year, Teresa! I enjoyed reading your comment and agree “keep on, keepin’ on”! Gods mercies are new everyday and we’re ready to humbly accept them all! You made me laugh about the hog jowl!! I season my soup beans with jowl bacon YUMMY!!! God Bless you too!


      1. Hi Donna,
        We must be “Kindred Spirits”. Anybody that also loves hog jowl is definitely on the same page that I am. Are you the same lady that commented to me one time about not being able to get another dog? I remember appreciating what you said at the time if that was you. I still don’t have one and guess I won’t unless it just “happens” like the last one did. I do have those yearnings for one sometimes. I’m glad I could make you laugh. It’s really true that laughter is the best medicine along with good friends. Happy New Year to you too and you just “keep on, keeping on eating that soup!……..Teresa


  5. Jill, You are such a little powerhouse; able to accomplish so much!! I think we all sometimes wish for more of the rarest commodity….time. So we can sympathize with your dilemma. Maybe, if we don’t have time to “stop and smell the roses” while we’re doing what we enjoy, then I reckon it’s just called work. I pray this year you gift yourself some of all that rare commodity you give to others so unselfishly and know that you are loved!!
    God Bless you and Todd with a very Happy New Year!!! >>>> Ralph & Donna


  6. Happy New Year, Jill and Todd! Wishing you all the best in the New Year–lots of love, laughter, happiness and good health. I too would love to learn to live in the moment– please let me know when you learn the secret of doing so! Meanwhile, be well, be happy, and hope to see you in 2019! Love the magazine as always–best there is!


  7. Happy New Year. I thought of u when Twin Bing was right there in front of me! Love the winter ASL. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2019.


    1. JAN !!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t find a way to message you through FB! OH MY GOODNESS, GRACIOUS! I couldn’t believe it when I opened the box. What a way to send a heart full of LOVE to VA! I laughed and laughed and proceeded to run through the house screaming! I have never seen a “bag” of individual sized Twin Bings before! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


      1. Loved that when they were”PURSE” size! Ha ha!!!! Like that would happen. Hee hee. U deserve them. They were my favorite as a kid. And u are welcome.


  8. I’m so with you Jill on not living in the moment. Its been a struggle for me my whole life but last year decided to really work on changing that. Its been a long struggle and it doesn’t change over night but I feel I’m making headway! Keep on writing, I love reading your posts ! Happy New Year from a fan here in Canada!


  9. Wishing you a very happy new year! Oh, that snow looks heavenly! What I love about this time of year is the quiet…..there is no holiday rush, and we can slow down and catch our breath, and enjoy some cozy quiet. Hope you have a wonderful 2019~


  10. Beautiful, Jill, our sharer of things that make a simple life imperative! Your poem brings to mind that which my heart yearns for and that which I always say, “ I will get to that soon,” and never do. I think one of the ways I have grown these past two years is with ASL magazine which always gives me a chance to sit, carefully read, and ponder about the lives of the owners and the stories they have worked to preserve. The key is to sit and ponder and let the truth sink in. It is tempting to rush to the next lovely article instead of giving each story it’s due. Our times can easily rob us of this peace we seek. Guardrails are needed! ASL gives us the chance to see it happen in our own days.

    I am so happy that you have been having some wonderful time by fire and doing what gives you satisfaction. And that Folsom is just the best!! What a guy bounding in that snow!! That is what happiness can look like when you least expect it!!

    Happiest of New Years to YOU!!


  11. Jill, I want you to know that I fell in love with your sweet spirit when I happened across your blog a few months ago and saw the video you made about your sweet cow “Miracle.” You are truly a follower of Jesus because it emanates like light from you. Anyway, I live in Washington and have a mostly cabin/lodge-style house, but have found myself adding primitives here and there. I am drawn to the beautiful simplicity of the primitive decorating style, although I am a dyed-in-the-wool cabin/buffalo plaid/quilts/moose antler kind of girl. But I will say, as I’ve been putting away the Christmas decorations, I replaced many of my former vignettes with simpler, more “quiet” displays peppered with things like trenchers filled with greens, baskets and pantry boxes. They soothe my spirit. I may never “go all the way” primitive, but it’s definitely something I am drawn to. I am going to subscribe to your magazine, not just because of the lovely photos, but because of the joyous spirit that oozes from your blog. Please do keep up with your blog. I love it.


  12. Gwenn! It’s so great to meet you! I’m so glad you found us. I love cabin/lodge too – so many things mix well with primitives! You will find the perfect balance of both, I have no doubt. I appreciate you very much and sending wishes for a wonderful New Year to Washington! Keep in touch!


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