A Simple Life 2018 Winter Issue Sneak Peek

The winter issue will be shipping very soon! So get your renewals, subscriptions, and Christmas gift subscriptions in soon! Call us at 806-748-0700, email us at: asimplelifemagazine@gmail.com, or visit our website at http://www.asimplelifemagazine.com

We have 3 incredible homes from the Lone Star State in this Issue!

The Houston home of Danny & Kathi Fagan

The Magnolia, Texas home of JC & Pat Evans.

The McKinney, Texas home of Cliff & Adrienne Dykes.


Last week James Cramer, Patsy Martin and Eddie Shoop came to Virginia for a photo shoot! You will see all our hard work in a future 2019 issue!

Yesterday I had a wonderful Christmas photo shoot in Kentucky at the home of Larry & Ruth Proffitt. What a FUN day! And actually I’m still in KY because I got snowed “out!” We have 16″ of the white stuff on Walker’s Knob so I can’t get home just yet!

But Folsom loves it and that’s all that matters!

12 thoughts on “A Simple Life 2018 Winter Issue Sneak Peek

  1. We went to Walkers Knob for Thanksgiving… Up the mountian we cut bittersweet and on the way down we dug pine saplings…. On to Christmas we go! Thank you ! Todd, Jill and Folsom! Keep the fire burning!

    Jimmie- Patsy – Eddie

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  2. Hi Jill,
    Looking forward to the winter issue. I sure have enjoyed the Christmas issue. Love all the photos at your place. The snow looks beautiful. We actually got a foot here in Winston-Salem too and it’s snowing this morning. After seeing the photo’s on Walker’s Knob I do believe that you could and should do a whole issue right there! I’m serious. You could do all four season’s plus the Christmas issue in your own back yard. Think about it. I bet I’m not the only one that would agree. Folsom and all your other animals could be a big part of it. Be safe on your way home from Kentucky and I wish you and all your family a very Merry Christmas a safe and happy New Year!……..Teresa


  3. Looks beautiful and Folsom seems to be having fun! Can’t wait for the next issue– the sneak peeks are mouth-watering! Stay safe and warm. Safe travels home and Merry Christmas!!


  4. Walkers Knob is sure a beautiful setting, how lucky you and Todd are. Folsom is having a blast in all that snow, we sure aren’t enjoying it as much as he is, difficult to feed all the cattle. Can’t wait for another spectular issue!


  5. Oh how beautiful this is. Sure hope the snow lasts until you can get home and see just how pretty everything is. How how jealous I am, that I could not be there with Patsy, Jimmie and Eddie. I know they have all kinds of surprises waiting for us in the future! Be careful getting home,my sweet friend!


  6. These sneak peek photos of the upcoming ASL look so cozy and warm!! I can’t believe Va. got 16 inches of snow in December either. Growing up, we had snow on two Christmases, but never this early in the month. It looks beautiful with the split rail fence and rolling hills. I look forward to your work weekend photos to come! Your cute Folsom is just adorable with his face. He looks like he has tons of personality too.

    Have a Blessed Christmas coming up soon!


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