Good grief! I’m still here!

My stars, how long has it been? Ok, just say it, “Since the end of September!” I knew it was bad but was afraid to look at the date on my last post.

Fall is no doubt my busiest time of year. And the season we all love. All the shows, festivals and open houses are great, and I’ve been everywhere and having a ball.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, family, friends and lots of pie! And ice cream!

I was able to sneak off to NM last week for a few days to see my dad, and my cousins and uncle joined us from California.

So tomorrow kicks off the Christmas photo shoot season and I’m heading to Illinois (up near Chicago) to the home of Phil and Mary DeBuhr. It promises to be a cold one but not looking like we’ll have snow for the outside photos.

I’m going to close for now and try to leave you with a promise of writing more often in the coming days. I think if I focus on doing short ‘hey, how are you?’ Notes more frequently I can do better!

I’m going to close with a photo from last weekend of our calf “Miracle” who is doing great and enjoying getting to know Folsom!

14 thoughts on “Good grief! I’m still here!

  1. Jill, I don’t think you can know how often my Ralph and I speak of how busy you must be. You spend so much of your time and put so much effort into projects which bring pleasure to so many! You have to truly love what you’re doing or else it would be impossible to be doing it so darned well!! So…my thoughts today are of you with thanks for all you do and lots of prayers to guide you on each and every journey….wherever they may lead. LOVE YOU!!!>>>>Donna & Ralph
    P.S. Happy to see Miracle is doing well;)


      1. We felt the same about not getting a good visit with you and Todd…but Todd was very busy and we understand that and besides we know it’s hectic if everybody wants a bit of Jill all at once… Ha!!!
        We’ll give it a try again in April…God Bless & Take Care


  2. Good to hear from you Jill. And it’s good to see both Miracle and Folsom doing well. Be safe on your trip and enjoy seeing all the wonderful things I know you’ll see. I’ve really been enjoying the Christmas issue of ASL and hope it will be an annual issue. By the way, will we get a Winter issue of ASL? I didn’t know if the Christmas issue replaced that or not. Glad you were able to go to New Mexico. I think often of my friend who lived there until her death. I know it was a happy time for you. Again, be safe until next time….Teresa


  3. Oh sweet Jill so nice to see your post. But no worries. You are one busy girl that loves every bit of what you do. I enjoyed your pictures. I’m so thankful you were able to sneak away and spend time with your family. I’m sure lots of love was spread around amunks all. And always love seeing your 4 legged family. What a nice healthy looking little/big calf and I just love Folsum, as much as I love you. 😉 Safe travels as you adventure around meeting wonderful loving people, the beauty of Gods scenery and sharing your love with all that cross your path.
    Susie B


  4. Howdy Jill!! It is wonderful to hear from you again too. Glad you have been having a super time working, enjoying and spending time with family as well. And those photos of home with the fall leaves!!!!!!!! Virginia Fall…Be still my heart!

    What a sweet surprise to see Miracle thriving and enjoying her bovine friends and a farm pup!

    Drive carefully and stay warm! Enjoy your appointments in homes decked out in their Holiday finest. I can’t wait to see what you find next year! This year’s issue is stuffed with so many lovely details and stories. I enjoy hearing all of the stories of these homeowners and how they have lived amidst old walls and treasures. I hope this year’s visits will include a Log Cabin as well. Gotta get my fix on these all American primitive homes!!


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