Good grief! I’m still here!

My stars, how long has it been? Ok, just say it, “Since the end of September!” I knew it was bad but was afraid to look at the date on my last post.

Fall is no doubt my busiest time of year. And the season we all love. All the shows, festivals and open houses are great, and I’ve been everywhere and having a ball.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, family, friends and lots of pie! And ice cream!

I was able to sneak off to NM last week for a few days to see my dad, and my cousins and uncle joined us from California.

So tomorrow kicks off the Christmas photo shoot season and I’m heading to Illinois (up near Chicago) to the home of Phil and Mary DeBuhr. It promises to be a cold one but not looking like we’ll have snow for the outside photos.

I’m going to close for now and try to leave you with a promise of writing more often in the coming days. I think if I focus on doing short ‘hey, how are you?’ Notes more frequently I can do better!

I’m going to close with a photo from last weekend of our calf “Miracle” who is doing great and enjoying getting to know Folsom!