A Simple Life Magazine Special Christmas Issue

Our Special Christmas Issue will be shipping next week! It was such a fun issue to produce with amazing homes, loving homeowners and lots of decorating ideas!

Visit WV home of Dave & Dianne McWhorter! You are in for a treat! I always say I have the very BEST homeowners, and there seems to be something about photographing a home at Christmas time that really brings out the soul mates. I will never forget the magical two days I spent with this amazing and talented couple!

The early NH home of Dana Schwartz is the idyllic New England dream for the holidays! And we got lots of snow the day I was there to add to the festivities! You don’t want to miss it!

Just when you think it can’t get any better, the Simple Life Christmas issue sneak peek continues! Join us in visiting the NY home of John and Janice Elderkin, warm and wonderful for the holidays!

Visit the awesome Alabama farmhouse of Mike and Doris Luttrelll! It’s a home filled with love! I can’t wait for this issue to start arriving in mailboxes soon!

All this and SO MUCH MORE MY FRIENDS!!! A really great issue!! ❤️♥️

18 thoughts on “A Simple Life Magazine Special Christmas Issue

      1. Hi Louise, You can visit our website for all the details at http://www.asimplelifemagazine.com There is also a link there for our online store where you can order a calendar. Or feel free to call us at 806-748-0700. If you’re only ordering a calendar, we will be able to save you some shipping costs by calling and not using the automatic shipping charges on the website. Thank you!


  1. Hi Jill!! So great to hear about our next Christmas issue!! Ohhh, these primitives are inspiring and I cannot wait to see every page! It never ceases to amaze me how creative and talented antique and primitive home owners are. The warm colors and simplicity of how they decorate always draws me in and inspires me to think differently. Today, there are so many Christmas decorations packed into stores that it is a bit overwhelming at times! I keep reminding myself that the folks that originally built and lived in these early and rustic homes did not have access or the money to purchase decorations. Yet, what they did use and enjoy were local and mostly handmade. I always go back to the title of your book, They Made Do. I think this book title is the secret for someone like me who struggles with decorating. Less is usually better!

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying all the great surprises that will be revealed to us in Fall 2019!! I can’t even imagine the beautiful places you are visiting. We haven’t been able to get out of the 90 degree range since June! I’ve also been hoping that your little miracle cow is still doing well and enjoying herself with the rest of the herd! The sweet little darlin’!


    1. Hello Winnie! Miracle continues to be a “Miracle” and is doing really great! We’re SO THANKFUL! Her ear is still paralyzed but she is getting around very well!

      Hope your weather says, “First of October!” It’s gorgeous here this time of year – my favorite!

      Sending love to Florida!


    2. Good Morning Winnie! I hope you were not affected by the hurricane. So very sad what our friends in Florida are going through. We got a lot of heavy rain also.
      Such a busy time of year! Fall is the best time for shows and Open Houses and photo shoots so it’s keeping me hopping! I just hope we get a little fall color and don’t go straight to winter!
      Much love my dear!


  2. Ohhhh! I am SO excited to see it!! Cant wait for it to show up in my little mailbox! Our mutual friend Winnie is so kind as to make sure I get it 😀 she’s such a sweet friend! Currently Im painting christmas art for my selling season, so the inspiration will be so appreciated!!!


  3. Oh my Jill, how amazing this home is. It just calls you to come in, sit a spell and be calm. We are blessed by these awesome people with every issue!! Brought just a tad of a chill in the air looking at the wintery pictures. We are visiting in Georgia and having 90’s. Loving every minute of it. We are with family.
    Love & God’s Blessing to you.
    Susie B


  4. My issue arrived today and it is fantastic!! I love the homes and the stories. Plus I was able to order two of the ornaments this afternoon before they all sell out! I missed one of the Fall offerings so I was happy it worked out for the Christmas ones. These homes were just stunning in both their personal stories , the work done by the owners, and their collections of antiques. They must have been so much fun to see in person when you went to photograph. I can only imagine!


  5. Just received the Christmas issue! Long anticipated and much appreciated and enjoyed, as always! Enjoy your holidays! Great seeing you!


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