4 thoughts on “Small Town America in the Heartland

  1. Howdy Jill!! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about your trip to Missouri as that is a state that I have never seen. A big congratulations to your friend Eric as the new Curator of the Herman Farm Museum too! It sounds like a wonderful place to visit and a tribute to the people who had a vision for preserving the rich history of the area. I will definitely be looking in 2019 for your article and all the details. If it starts with Log Cabins, you know I am interested!! LOL!!

    I cannot wait for the Fall Issue to arrive. It has been a very long, wet, and hot/humid summer this year. Come July, my mind is drifting towards good things to change come Fall. And, I am pretty sure I will be at the Appalachian Museum Festival in September this year!! I hope no hurricane gets in the way again because I want to meet you and be a part of this fun event and enjoy all the music and vendors!! So, as we like to say down here in the South,Bring on the Fall Y’All!!


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