Memorial Day 2018

Happy Memorial day weekend!  While of course we all enjoy the time off, and the picnics and parades, we also look back on the lives of loved ones gone and celebrate the duty of our military, and armed forces.  Sadly, in April I lost my beloved Charlotte. Many of you have heard about her over the years. She was my mentor in the antiques business, my dearest friend and soul mate. I met her when I was four years old and she was building her historic Royal Barry Wills Gambrel in N.M.  She had a wonderful antique shop on her property and as soon as I was 16 and could drive, I spent many a weekend with her. Our relationship only grew stronger over the years and I built her Gambrel home on our property in Central Texas. I would not be in the antiques business, the magazine business, nor would I know any of the people I know today if it weren’t for my Charlotte. She introduced me to Cheryl Jones and Jimmie Cramer. Jimmie and I always said that she was really our mom and he and I were brother and sister.  But she was ready to go in the end and be with Jesus and her beloved Tom. This photo is from last June when we had such a wonderful visit. So next week I will go “home” to New Mexico and say goodbye for the last time and get some things that she left me. Until we meet again my dearest – I know you are with me and continue to guide me through this journey of earthly life.


A couple weeks ago I made my annual trek to Ewing, VA with my friends Josh and Gary and Todd to see the Raid at Martin’s Station.  Once again it didn’t disappoint. Lots of you who follow this blog see my photos each year, so I will only post a few here. It is one of my favorite events of the year!

Martin 1  Martin 7

Martin 14

My boy, Folsom, continues to be a great blessing. He is so smart and fun and funny! He has taken to farm life like he has been here since birth. He loves to do chores, ride in the 4-wheeler and eat cow feed!

Folsom Tupelo

Lets see, what other news do I have? Not much really.  Lynne, Jimmie, Patsy Martin, Eddie Shoop, Annie Conlow and I had a great time last Monday up at Patsy’s new-old log cabin in PA making scarecrows for the upcoming Fall issue. We laughed so hard and made some great specimens! And of course we ended the day at the best ice cream shop in nearby Shippensburg, PA.


On that note, the Fall issue is coming along very nicely and sneak peeks will be coming your way soon. The Fall issue is easily my favorite issue!

Lynne and I have been having fun making lots of new jewelry and added LOTS of necklaces, bracelets and earrings to our website last night. Take a look over the holiday weekend if you get a chance!

FB Jewelry goldenrod 4


It’s raining here this quiet Saturday afternoon … a perfect cool day for a …. NAP! Hmmm….  if only ….



22 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2018

  1. Hi Jill, I was so sorry to read the sad news of your dear friend Charlotte. Your little guy is growing into a very handsome pup! He must be so happy to run around and be loved. Looking forward to your sneak peaks of fall! It was both a great surprise and pleasure to see you in Danielson in April. I was lucky to be waiting in line next to Patsy Martin and so enjoyed chatting with her and her friends. Happy summer!


    1. Thank you so much Vesta ~ I am blessed beyond measure to have a “Charlotte” for 50 years! Lucky you standing in line with Patsy! There is not a more wonderful person on earth. She is the epitome of all things good! Hope you and Paul are enjoying the start of summer up there in Vermont!


  2. Oh sweet Jill.I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, Charlotte. I know you were the shining star in each others hearts. We are never ready to let go of the ones we love knowing that there will be a big part of us missing. But we are promised that will all shall unite at some time. 💞
    Busy you are girl.Continuing to create from your heart. We are all so blessed by you.
    Folsom is as dang cute as ever. How can he not love the Freedom of the land.

    And yes as we remember all that went before us this Memorial weekend. I am especially grateful for all that gave their all so we have our Freedom and are Blessed and Proud to call America my home.The land of the Free because of the Brave.
    Love to you,
    Susie B


  3. So sorry about your friend. She will always be in your heart and you will have so many memories to treasure. And…that Folsom…he is one handsome boy!! Blessings and thanks to all our Veterans for their service.


  4. So sorry on the loss of your great friend Charlotte. What a blessing it is to have been able to have her in your life for 50 years! It is always hard when our loved ones leave us, but take peace in knowing that she is truly in a better place and you will be reunited with her again.
    Folsom looks like the happiest baby in the world and I’m so he has you and Todd to love him, like he deserves to be loved!
    A huge “Thank You” to all those who have served and are serving today! God Bless you all!
    Safe travels Dear Friend! Much love to you and Todd! ❤️


  5. Much, much love to you and Jon! Thank you for your awesome note! We went to a little car show this morning and always think of you and your beloved when we’re looking at street rods! Can’t wait for Williamsburg !!


  6. Jill, my heart is heavy for you loosing such a dear friend for so many years. A new life will be waiting for her. And smiles all around for your Folsom to make life easier for you. Hugs and


  7. Jill…I was so sad to read about sweet Charlotte’s passing…she was such a sweet lady..we used to chat many times on the phone…(as I used to make samplers for her)…I know how much both of you..were blessings to each other…Your farm life looks so beautiful …and I believe you are right where you are supposed to be!! Be safe and happy sweet Jill..
    Linda B.


  8. She loved your samplers so much Linda! She was a rare and precious gem and I am so blessed to have her mentor me, mother me, teach me, and love me! I hope you are doing well my dear, and I hope to see you at the Days of the Pioneer in September! Thank you so much for your note …


  9. So sorry about your friend. I know that pain. They become like family. You were lucky to have her in your life for so long. Folsom is one lucky dog. So glad you found each other.

    I was in Fancy Gap at the camper for 3 1/2 days but we came home this morning. I always think about you when I go up there since you’re so close in Galax. Thank you for remembering out veterans. My dad was a World War II vet and lost a leg at age 19 so I grew up knowing the sacrifices a lot of men made including some of their lives. My father-in-law was also WWII, my uncle Korea and my husband was in Vietnam. No one really knows what these men went through unless you have lived with and loved one of them. We will have our 51st anniversary this year and were already married when he went to Vietnam. It is always with them.

    Hope you have a great Memorial Day and give that Folsom a big hot dog! Take care………Teresa


  10. Rest In Peace dearest Charlotte, and thank-you for the blessing of your years of love , support, teaching and friendship to our beloved Jill, who gives us this unique opportunity for a community of people who love and cherish our historical past. Jill, I am so glad you have a big treasure trove of memories and antique items to keep Charlotte close to you!

    Can that Folsom get any cuter??? !!! He is a hoot with that big grin of his!!

    Up making my scarecrows last weekend???? I am jealous! LOL!! We are getting rain bands from the first Tropical storm, Alberto today with more heavy rain tomorrow. Sigh. I am going to be so ready for our upcoming Fall ASL! Hehe, I am working on being a safe “friend”for a single Crow that comes in my backyard to eat the corn that I scatter out there. Hm,mm, now what will he think if I make a scarecrow this coming Fall for my backyard like I have done in previous years??? I call him/her “Crow Friend”and when I speak, and he makes little calls back to me.

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Loved the photos of the re-enactment too.!


  11. Hi Teresa! It was a beautiful day on the mountain today. Took a drive down to Independence. Thank you so much for kind thoughts – and thank you so much for a family full of service men who do so much for our freedom! I’m forever grateful to them, and you!


  12. Dearest Winnie, your posts always make me smile! You’re a true treasure. I was blessed beyond measure to have Charlotte and I know we will be reunited again one day. That is my saving grace. I’m so excited about your crow friend. They are incredibly smart and so curious. Hoping Alberto doesn’t do any damage and goes out to sea for good. Much love to my Florida friend! Thank you so much for your beautiful note! Happy Memorial Day!


  13. So sorry to hear that Charlotte passed away. I’m sure she was ready after the health problems she had suffered. Would loved to have seen her one more time – she always loved on Gary and made him feel special !!! We didn’t go to Colorado last summer so didn’t get to see her. Come by when you’re in Texas if you’re ever close enough. Would love to see you! Blessings to you, Jennifer

    On Sat, May 26, 2018 at 1:24 PM newsfromtheholler wrote:

    > newsfromtheholler posted: “Happy Memorial day weekend! While of course we > all enjoy the time off, and the picnics and parades, we also look back on > the lives of loved ones gone and celebrate the duty of our military, and > armed forces. Sadly, in April I lost my beloved Charlotte. ” >


    1. She was a rare and precious gem, Jennifer. I’m so glad you had the opportunity to know her. She has left a big hole in my heart, but we’ll rejoice together again in Glory one day. Much love to TX and you and Gary ❤️


      1. Jill ~ It’s so very hard to lose our heroes, but know that now there is a new star in the heavens. Chica and I have moved to town, bringing many of our treasures with us. We have a good yard to hide in and make believe. Many blessings to you sweet girl. Love, Penny


  14. Dear, Dear Penny! My face lit up when I saw a note from YOU! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I think of you so often and miss you dearly. What a precious gem you are in my life. I will never forget my time with you in paradise. I love you sister!


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