Saturday Evening

Good evening!  I think it’s official – Spring never existed!  I believe we went straight from Winter to Summer. Although, with that said, I think we are going to have a cooling next week. Sad to see so many are suffering from severe storms across the country though.

The recent Simple Goods show was a huge hit! I had a wonderful time and want to thank everyone who came out to see us at our new location in Berlin, Ohio. Berlin is a quaint town in the middle of Ohio Amish Country. The new facility was spacious and incredible. If you missed the spring show – be sure and put the fall show on your calendars for Nov. 3rd. Here’s just one corner of the Simple Life booth!


That reminds me too, that discounted admission tickets are now on sale for our Days of the Pioneer Antique show on Sept. 14th and 15th! As you know, all the money raised at this event goes directly to support the museum. This is going to be our best year yet so I hope you’ll join us!

MOA pic 2


I always like to share good things I’ve found or experienced like books, movies, events etc. Although this is not historical or primitive – I’ve been binge watching six seasons of the television show, “Parenthood.”  It is so great and while I saw (and cried through)  the final episode last night, today I feel like I lost a dear friend! Check it out on Hulu. It’s wholesome and so real – you’ll find yourself reliving many moments that have probably happened in your own families. The excellent sound tracks throughout all six seasons is an added bonus!

After Simple Goods, I went up to Alliance, Ohio and picked up our newest family member! Meet “Folsom!”  I met Folsom last fall at a book signing event at Bridgewater Primitives. Lesa, the owner, knows I love dogs and support dog rescue so she had their local shelter bring a dog for the event and encouraged guests to bring food to donate. I fell in love with this boy – but was not in a position to get him then.  Sadly we lost our senior dog in January and as our hearts mended, we knew we were ready for a new boy on the farm.  “Opie” was his name at the shelter and sadly he had been there for over 3 years.  After watching him at the open house last fall I knew he was a wonderful dog that was well socialized. The owner of the shelter told me that Opie made other dogs better and that they always put dogs with severe anxiety in with him and they always got adopted but he didn’t.  Well Folsom is now the love of our lives and we absolutely adore him. He is perfect! Please friends, when considering a new pet for your home – go and save a life at your local shelter. So many amazing animals are in need of your love! And you might just find that they end up rescuing YOU! I know Folsom rescued ME!


Lynne and I are having a huge update on our jewelry website this evening! Stop by if you get a minute, we’d love to have you visit!

Have a beautiful evening and special Sunday tomorrow! Thank you for dropping by for a visit!
Until next time,




17 thoughts on “Saturday Evening

  1. Thank you so much for having a Rescue dog! Even smelly, they’re the best! ha! There was a “Pet Value” store in Ohio, near the shelter where we got Folsom. I had not heard of that chain before but they gave us a free bath for adopting. We took Folsom straight there and it was the neatest thing! The bath stalls for dogs were really super nice and easy to use. He loved it too! What a treat!


  2. Bless you for adopting Folsom. Our last dog was from a dog rescue group. She had been abandoned and abused. She was scared and didn’t even bark for almost 6 months. She turned out to be the best dog. At 3 years old she started having seizures. After a couple of years the vet finally found a med that stopped the seizures completely. It was heart breaking when she had them. We almost lost her when she had 14 in one day. She lived to be 11 1/2 and developed cancer. She’s been gone 8 years in June and we haven’t been able to get another one. She took a piece of my heart when she died. I love dogs but don’t think I can ever go through that again. Folsom looks like a happy fellow and I know he’ll have a great life with you on your farm……..Teresa


    1. Teresa, My husband and I adopted a rescue dog and loved her dearly. She was ours and we were hers for 13 years. My Ralph cried like a baby the day he buried her. Still miss her and fondly remember stories about her. Like you guys we haven’t been able to replace her with another; it’s just that way for some of us; I guess.


      1. Donna, thank you for the reply. I can tell you truly understood what I was saying. I’ve had many other dogs in my life but Punkin was my first rescue. My dad died 2 months before she did and we had taken her to see him in Hospice the day before he died. I can still see the two of them in his bed and how happy it made him. He took a piece of my heart when he died and then she took another piece. Anyway, just wanted to acknowledge your understanding…..Teresa


    2. We’ve been doing dog rescue for 30 years and have had some very sad cases, but it is the MOST REWARDING thing I have ever done in my life. When we lost our Ezra in January, I was sure he was my last one. It broke my heart in two. He was the most severely abused one we had ever had and he was the most amazing one I’ve ever had. But even in the darkest moments, Teresa, I would think of other dogs sitting in a shelter waiting and wanting to be loved. I would think of the dog I had seen the previous fall who had been in the shelter for THREE YEARS … he had never been off a leash in is whole life …. I could not bear to NOT open my heart again. And I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ezra would want me to find another love … in HIS name and memory. And I am so glad I did because Folsom Rescued ME ….


      1. Jill, I am so glad that you are able to do that and I know that losing your Ezra was hard. I didn’t mean to imply that you were replacing him. Any dog lover knows that you “never” replace a dog, you just give another dog a chance for a good life. And I totally understand being “rescued” by a dog. At various times over the past 8 years I’ve thought that maybe I should get another one. I’ve even looked numerous times at the dogs listed in the shelters and rescues. I had a friend to bring one to me a couple of years ago unsolicited and I still couldn’t do it. Maybe it’s my age, the circumstances in my life or just the unwillingness to experience that heartbreak again that holds me back. Believe me, I so admire people that can continue on and I’m so happy for the dogs that find new lives through these people. You are an angel for being one of these people. I know Folsom will bring you many happy times and you will give him the life that he’s always deserved…….Teresa


      2. Oh my dear Teresa, I never thought for a minute your were implying that I was replacing Ezra. All of us have beautiful hearts for dogs and it’s a personal thing. There is no right or wrong way to love, to rescue, to move on, to not be able to do it again, or do it again. I’m just so happy that you had such a special love with a dog that you will never forget!


  3. Todd & Jill, Congratulations on your family addition! Folsom has two very caring folks to love him and he will love you back twice as much!! I’m sorry for the loss of your other dog. You are fortunate in that you can heal with the love Folsom will bring you both.


  4. Oh Jill..So sorry for your loss. ❤ I’m so thankful that Folsom came into your life. You both are truly Blessed.

    Just received my magazine. Now have to come on in from diggin in the dirt and sit a bit and take a look. It looks amazing..

    Oh I do wish you were heading this direction again. I know someone I should grab and her I need to do a road trip..😉

    Enjoy your day, hopin it is a Beautiful as Iowa!! Just love seeing everything coming to life..Even some of us. Long winter!! But no matter what, we all get through!!

    Love to you and always safe travels to you as God is always travelin with ya!!
    Susie B


    1. How I would love a visit from you and Miss Donna! That would be one happy day! It is absolutely gorgeous in Virginia this morning! Doing barn chores was a dream! Much, much love to IOWA !!!!


  5. Oh my , your new Folsom is adorable with that happy pose he gave you!! Pet Rescues have been the lineage of all my best kitties. They have been my rescue every time!! Folsom has now found his forever home and that is as it should be!! What a blessing he is and will be to your lives. Enjoy!!


    1. Oh Winnie, As I told Teresa and Donna above …. Folsom truly healed my heart after losing my Ezra and I will always be grateful to him for that. I know Ezra would want another boy saved in his memory. And it’s not a replacement by any means … Folsom is as unique unto himself just as Ezra was. There is no comparing, only LOVING. My heart is so full!


  6. YooHoooo…..Come out, come out where ever you are! Are you all busy; hustling between the rains to get your outdoor chores done too?
    We’ve been working on a small wainscoting project here in the living room. Our house isn’t an old one but that doesn’t mean the walls and casings are exactly plumb so even a small job turns out to be more of a chore than expected but we’re a mighty team of three here!!! The Lord who gives us the ability, my ideas and Ralph’s handiwork skills….so very blessed!!!
    Wishing everyone of you a peaceful and lovely Memorial Day:)


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