Memorial Day 2018

Happy Memorial day weekend!  While of course we all enjoy the time off, and the picnics and parades, we also look back on the lives of loved ones gone and celebrate the duty of our military, and armed forces.  Sadly, in April I lost my beloved Charlotte. Many of you have heard about her over the years. She was my mentor in the antiques business, my dearest friend and soul mate. I met her when I was four years old and she was building her historic Royal Barry Wills Gambrel in N.M.  She had a wonderful antique shop on her property and as soon as I was 16 and could drive, I spent many a weekend with her. Our relationship only grew stronger over the years and I built her Gambrel home on our property in Central Texas. I would not be in the antiques business, the magazine business, nor would I know any of the people I know today if it weren’t for my Charlotte. She introduced me to Cheryl Jones and Jimmie Cramer. Jimmie and I always said that she was really our mom and he and I were brother and sister.  But she was ready to go in the end and be with Jesus and her beloved Tom. This photo is from last June when we had such a wonderful visit. So next week I will go “home” to New Mexico and say goodbye for the last time and get some things that she left me. Until we meet again my dearest – I know you are with me and continue to guide me through this journey of earthly life.


A couple weeks ago I made my annual trek to Ewing, VA with my friends Josh and Gary and Todd to see the Raid at Martin’s Station.  Once again it didn’t disappoint. Lots of you who follow this blog see my photos each year, so I will only post a few here. It is one of my favorite events of the year!

Martin 1  Martin 7

Martin 14

My boy, Folsom, continues to be a great blessing. He is so smart and fun and funny! He has taken to farm life like he has been here since birth. He loves to do chores, ride in the 4-wheeler and eat cow feed!

Folsom Tupelo

Lets see, what other news do I have? Not much really.  Lynne, Jimmie, Patsy Martin, Eddie Shoop, Annie Conlow and I had a great time last Monday up at Patsy’s new-old log cabin in PA making scarecrows for the upcoming Fall issue. We laughed so hard and made some great specimens! And of course we ended the day at the best ice cream shop in nearby Shippensburg, PA.


On that note, the Fall issue is coming along very nicely and sneak peeks will be coming your way soon. The Fall issue is easily my favorite issue!

Lynne and I have been having fun making lots of new jewelry and added LOTS of necklaces, bracelets and earrings to our website last night. Take a look over the holiday weekend if you get a chance!

FB Jewelry goldenrod 4


It’s raining here this quiet Saturday afternoon … a perfect cool day for a …. NAP! Hmmm….  if only ….



Saturday Evening

Good evening!  I think it’s official – Spring never existed!  I believe we went straight from Winter to Summer. Although, with that said, I think we are going to have a cooling next week. Sad to see so many are suffering from severe storms across the country though.

The recent Simple Goods show was a huge hit! I had a wonderful time and want to thank everyone who came out to see us at our new location in Berlin, Ohio. Berlin is a quaint town in the middle of Ohio Amish Country. The new facility was spacious and incredible. If you missed the spring show – be sure and put the fall show on your calendars for Nov. 3rd. Here’s just one corner of the Simple Life booth!


That reminds me too, that discounted admission tickets are now on sale for our Days of the Pioneer Antique show on Sept. 14th and 15th! As you know, all the money raised at this event goes directly to support the museum. This is going to be our best year yet so I hope you’ll join us!

MOA pic 2


I always like to share good things I’ve found or experienced like books, movies, events etc. Although this is not historical or primitive – I’ve been binge watching six seasons of the television show, “Parenthood.”  It is so great and while I saw (and cried through)  the final episode last night, today I feel like I lost a dear friend! Check it out on Hulu. It’s wholesome and so real – you’ll find yourself reliving many moments that have probably happened in your own families. The excellent sound tracks throughout all six seasons is an added bonus!

After Simple Goods, I went up to Alliance, Ohio and picked up our newest family member! Meet “Folsom!”  I met Folsom last fall at a book signing event at Bridgewater Primitives. Lesa, the owner, knows I love dogs and support dog rescue so she had their local shelter bring a dog for the event and encouraged guests to bring food to donate. I fell in love with this boy – but was not in a position to get him then.  Sadly we lost our senior dog in January and as our hearts mended, we knew we were ready for a new boy on the farm.  “Opie” was his name at the shelter and sadly he had been there for over 3 years.  After watching him at the open house last fall I knew he was a wonderful dog that was well socialized. The owner of the shelter told me that Opie made other dogs better and that they always put dogs with severe anxiety in with him and they always got adopted but he didn’t.  Well Folsom is now the love of our lives and we absolutely adore him. He is perfect! Please friends, when considering a new pet for your home – go and save a life at your local shelter. So many amazing animals are in need of your love! And you might just find that they end up rescuing YOU! I know Folsom rescued ME!


Lynne and I are having a huge update on our jewelry website this evening! Stop by if you get a minute, we’d love to have you visit!

Have a beautiful evening and special Sunday tomorrow! Thank you for dropping by for a visit!
Until next time,