Fickle March

The beauty of March – you never know what you’re going to get and I kind of like it!

Ducks and geese swimming on the pond yesterday…

And today we have this!

Makes for a good day to sit by the fire and create. I don’t get that luxury very often, so sometimes snow days are welcomed on Walkers Knob!

My friend, Lynne Oppenheimer and I have started a new jewelry website together! Stop by and see us!

9 thoughts on “Fickle March

  1. I just went to your new website. Love your jewelry and bags! However, all of the bags are sold! so sad! And I could not find the clothing. Please let me know where I can find these bags and see the clothing. Beautiful!


  2. Your website is very nice. I bet you’ll do well. As for the weather, we’ve had maybe half an inch of snow here and some sleet. I saw a robin hopping around in the front yard and wondered what that poor bird must have thought. I imagine it was a problem trying to find the worms in the snow! The regular birds that I have all the time are happily devouring the food I put out for them……along with a number of squirrels. Hope you’re enjoying your snow day sitting by the fire. I bet you’ve been busy though. You seem to have a lot of energy!…………..Teresa


  3. You deserve this day my friend. Enjoy every minute of it. Just rainy and cold here but I kinda needed that today too. Website is awesome and so happy you are doing well with yours and Lynne’s creations!


    1. I love all kinds of days, Sherrie! Sunny warm ones, gray – dreary ones, and snow days! They all give us a different perspective and a different mood! That is why I love Virginia, we get to celebrate all four season! Love you!


  4. Yep, this sounds just like a March forecast in Virginia! Thankfully, the little Crocus flowers manage the snow quite well and are not deterred at all. Those little flowers were my favorite and they never ever let Winter get in the way of pushing Spring forward!

    Glad you had some nice days to create and have down time. Your new online shop is lovely!


  5. You’re so right about the crocus, Winnie! They are strong and resilient! I saw the pics of your log wall – so fun! You go girl! Love to Florida!


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