March Lions or Lambs?

Good Sunday afternoon!

March is definitely going out like a lion here on Walkers Knob Road. We got 9″ of snow yesterday! That was our biggest snowfall of the year at one time. It arrived on the heels of a 3″ snow last week.  Nothing like our friends in New England got earlier, but still enough for us! I love snow days! That is the beauty of moving to Virginia – experiencing all four seasons.

FB Snow

FB snow 3

FB snow 6

These photos are from last week …

fb snow 9

fb snow 10

fb snow 12

This is the time of year I am home the most. A big majority of my photo shoots involve outdoor photos so I don’t travel a lot for that until spring. So it’s wonderful to be home during big snows – everything seems to just automatically slow down and gets quiet. Of course the fireplace never stops crackling.

I get to enjoy making jewelry in the evenings during these days at home and I’ve had another website update recently.   Making jewelry is very relaxing in front of the fire. Take a peek when you have a minute:       

I don’t have a lot to report, but didn’t want you to forget me! I have been working hard on the Summer 2018 issue, and I’m going to give you a teeny sneak peak at the cover! It hasn’t been shown anywhere else yet, and won’t be unveiled for a few more weeks. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks coming soon! It’s shaping up to be an awesome issue that promises GREEN GRASS and FLOWERING PLANTS!

Spring 18 b cover

Oh, I just thought of something, (I’m actually thinking about food and that reminded me!) Do you all have an Air Fryer yet? A good friend of mine, who knows all about my kitchen situation (or lack thereof) told me that she had gotten her husband one for Christmas and they love it. I invested in a Phillips from Amazon and I LOVE IT TOO! I’m not sure how I survived without it before, because I use it everyday! You can literally cook just about anything in it and it’s healthier! Give it a try if you don’t already have one! It’s a fresh salmon and asparagus night here!

Have an awesome evening … until next time! Jill


Fickle March

The beauty of March – you never know what you’re going to get and I kind of like it!

Ducks and geese swimming on the pond yesterday…

And today we have this!

Makes for a good day to sit by the fire and create. I don’t get that luxury very often, so sometimes snow days are welcomed on Walkers Knob!

My friend, Lynne Oppenheimer and I have started a new jewelry website together! Stop by and see us!

Has it been a month?!

Well, almost! I could not believe it when I logged on to do a post and saw my last post was from February 11th. The worst part is, I’m not sure where I’ve been for the last 30 days! ha! After arriving home from Wholesale Market we did get the Spring issue sent out to all our wonderful readers, and then I hit the road to Michigan with one of our Editors, James Cramer.

We had a wonderful ten day trip filled with a lot of great food, the best fellowship and even some great photo making. Jimmie was celebrating a birthday and we ended up making it a week long occasion!

FB Jimmie 3

We did some photography at Cheryl Jones cabin, which is always a treat. The morning before we got started we visited what we have named the “Prop House,” in Battle Creek – Horrack’s! If you’ve ever been to BC or live in that area, Horrack’s is like a huge indoor farmers market kind of grocery store. They have fresh fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, gourmet popcorn made onsite, a gourmet chocolate bar … I could go on an on! They have vegetables I’ve never seen before. All of this makes for a photographer’s dream come true!

FB Jimmie 2

FB Jimmie 1

Fb Cheryl 1

We did some beautiful photography at the incredible home of Jane Wallace. Jane is one of the premier folk artists of our time and her home is a reflection of her incredible taste and design sense. Coming to an issue of A Simple Life!

Jane 8

Jane 11

We also went up to Wheeler, Michigan for a revisit with our old friend Sharon Lytle. We photographed Sharon’s home and outlying cabins for our very first  issue of A Simple Life back in 2010!  She has been in some other feature articles and books but it was time for a re-do! Sharon never disappoints and you guys are going to LOVE what she has done to her home!

FB Sharon 2

FB Sharon 1

Later in the week, Jimmie and I went to the charming town of Geneva, IL to visit our pal, Sandy Thuer. Her and Jimmie have a lot in common and had never met, so a lunch date was imperative! What a great treat that was for all of us!

It was a great trip and one we won’t soon forget !!!!