… Not the red kind you put on fries, but the Catch Up kind where we reconnect after an absence.  I was thinking it had been months since I shared with my blog friends but when I looked back its only been a couple of three weeks. Ok, so that didn’t really count since it was just a New Years photo.

Lets see, since we last visited, I wrapped up my Christmas photography in Alabama (Jan 2nd), I went to Gift Market in Atlanta – EEEK! Folks, now THAT is a big city! I road the MARTA (which is like a subway train) through downtown every day to get to the ginormous facility where market is held. I’ve never been on a subway or train before so that was an interesting adventure in, an of itself. Thank goodness I was with Josh and Gary or I would never have done it. This is just one of the escalators to get up to ground level …


The reason you don’t see tons of people is because they only let so many on at once or it breaks! I have been to America’s Mart before, but only to the temporary booth section during a MUCH SMALLER market years ago. But I’m tellin’ ya, this place is bigger than the town I lived in in Texas! I heard on the announcements one day that there were 2000 permanent showroom booths and 4000 temporary booths open.

I’ve been home the last week, working on the spring issue. One fine afternoon I had unexpected company. Not very often do guests find their way up on Walkers Knob.

piggy 2


Now the very  next day looked like this:

snow 2

And like most of you – the temps were just bitter cold. Of course that is always the time Todd goes off to a horse sale and I get to do farm chores! But I survived, as did all the cattle and horses and now it’s a balmy 58 degrees.

I worked on my Carpetbag website a little bit this afternoon and added a couple new bags if you’d like to take a gander there …

Gosh, I guess that’s about it for me. Rather boring post this time! I could show you a photo that would make you laugh, but I won’t. Let me just leave you with this thought … dyed Turquoise hair … mmm-hmmm … wait til the  next video ….



14 thoughts on “Ketchup…

  1. Howdy Jill, It’s good to hear from you!
    Ralph and I would be just like fish out of water in any big city. I expect we’d stroll around with that deer in the headlights look; never quite able to blend in LOL!!!!
    Love the photos of your unexpected visitors! You and Todd sure have a beautiful place. I can’t blame your guests for “hoggin’ up” the scenery LOL!!!
    Those sure are wonderful things you are offering on the new website. I may have to spoil myself one day! Until next time….stay well.


  2. Did I miss an issue? Seems like the last one I got was in Nov. You mentioned Spring issue so I guess I haven’t. Just getting anxious I guess. Love your pictures with the sheep and the country. Beautiful. Hope to see you soon again at one of Cheryl’s shows. I buy my copy at the Hen House so have to keep track of the issues. I like to support her.


  3. Howdy Jill!! It is good to hear from you and get caught up with what you have been doing. I agre with you that Atlanta is one BIG place to manage!!! However, I have been on Marta many many times and I would rather ride on that safe and simple system than be on the roads and try an navigate the terrifying traffic!! PLus people there drive 85 mph on a regular basis with 4-6 other lanes full of people doing the same!! OY!!!!! My last exerieince doing Atlanta traffic was this last Summer and I promised myself that it was going to be my last. If I have to drive the back roads for two days to avoid that snarling Atlanta traffic hub, I will do that. If I need to be in downtown area, then I will fly to airport and take Marta right from the baggage pick up to wherever I need to be. I have done that route several times in the past, and while it costs more money to fly, at least I am not terrorized by the Atlanta traffic. Protecting my sanity and peace of mind is getting more and more important than in my younger days!!

    Your new website has some beautiful items! I can completely understand that yearning to express your roots. It is a pull that is powerful and sometimes requires serious action.

    Tourquoise hair you say?? Now that has me wondering what is up!


  4. GOOD to have company once in a while!!!! Frame those pictures and sell them !!!! Maybe we could see them in an upcoming issue too!!! Im a December baby so Turquoise is my color and my birthstone. LOVE your bags and jewlelry!!! DARLENE at Rock Garden in Franklin Kentucky started my addiction to your magazines and books!!! Love your videos too!🏚😀


    1. Hi There! Thank you to Darlene for sharing us with you! I appreciate your support of A Simple Life. Lucky you to have Turquoise as your birthstone! It’s my favorite, but that’s because I grew up surrounded by it in NM. I hope you’ll visit here again!


  5. Well Jill, what an interesting “Ketchup”! I love those pigs. They must have been helping themselves to some of
    your livestock feed. Are they still there and do you know where they came from? I looked at your new website and especially loved the jewelry. I didn’t remember that you once lived in New Mexico. I had a friend from my childhood that moved to Taos in the 70’s and lived there until she passed away in 2001. She built an adobe house and had a special place in her heart for the Indians….me too! I’m waiting for the turquoise photo. Does it match your turquoise jewelry….lol?


  6. Hi Teresa! I think they belong to our neighbor up above. They have never been here before but his donkey’s, horses and cattle have! ha! Yes, I lived in NM for 30 years. I grew up there and went to college there, etc. I love it so. How awesome for your friend to live in Taos all those years. Good for her. Did you ever visit her there?


    1. We lost touch for a few years and when she came home when her mother died in the mid 80’s we re-connected. She invited me out there but I never got the chance to go. I wish I had. She used to talk about the tumbleweeds and living where The Lone Ranger and Tonto used to roam. When I was a kid her family owned a 120 acre farm that bordered our property. They raised prize Herefords. They had a for real cowboy from Wichita Falls, Texas that ran the farm for them. He let us ride our horses and help him herd the cows etc. I have many fond memories of her and my childhood. I bet you have wonderful memories of your time in NM too, especially growing up there.


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