… Not the red kind you put on fries, but the Catch Up kind where we reconnect after an absence.  I was thinking it had been months since I shared with my blog friends but when I looked back its only been a couple of three weeks. Ok, so that didn’t really count since it was just a New Years photo.

Lets see, since we last visited, I wrapped up my Christmas photography in Alabama (Jan 2nd), I went to Gift Market in Atlanta – EEEK! Folks, now THAT is a big city! I road the MARTA (which is like a subway train) through downtown every day to get to the ginormous facility where market is held. I’ve never been on a subway or train before so that was an interesting adventure in, an of itself. Thank goodness I was with Josh and Gary or I would never have done it. This is just one of the escalators to get up to ground level …


The reason you don’t see tons of people is because they only let so many on at once or it breaks! I have been to America’s Mart before, but only to the temporary booth section during a MUCH SMALLER market years ago. But I’m tellin’ ya, this place is bigger than the town I lived in in Texas! I heard on the announcements one day that there were 2000 permanent showroom booths and 4000 temporary booths open.

I’ve been home the last week, working on the spring issue. One fine afternoon I had unexpected company. Not very often do guests find their way up on Walkers Knob.

piggy 2


Now the very  next day looked like this:

snow 2

And like most of you – the temps were just bitter cold. Of course that is always the time Todd goes off to a horse sale and I get to do farm chores! But I survived, as did all the cattle and horses and now it’s a balmy 58 degrees.

I worked on my Carpetbag website a little bit this afternoon and added a couple new bags if you’d like to take a gander there …

Gosh, I guess that’s about it for me. Rather boring post this time! I could show you a photo that would make you laugh, but I won’t. Let me just leave you with this thought … dyed Turquoise hair … mmm-hmmm … wait til the  next video ….