Christmas in West Virginia

What an incredibly awesome start to my Christmas photo shoots! I have 5 homes to do between now and Jan. 2nd. Kicking it off today was the home of Dave and Dianne McWhorter in WV. I spent two glorious days with these truly special and gifted people. It was a time filled with fun, fellowship, love and Christmas blessings. You are going to fall in love with this home and family just like I did!!!! Coming to A Simple Life magazine in 2018!!!

Now I’m headed to Jimmie Cramer’s for our “family” Christmas party and it’s snowing like crazy!!!

19 thoughts on “Christmas in West Virginia

  1. Jill I absolutely love that White birdhouse with the crappy, lol, tin roof.. Makes me want to try and make one.similar. This will be a good one too , probably next winter?


  2. I’m already looking forward to it. Got my winter issue of ASL last week and I’ve been drooling ever since…lol. Have a safe journey to Jimmie Cramer’s and I know you’ll enjoy the party. My daughter and I went to the Candle Tea in Old Salem and it put me in the Christmas spirit. Then it snowed this past weekend. So now…..we wait. Merry Christmas Jill!


  3. The McWhorter home looks fantastic…can’t wait to see it in ASL. But I have to say that I love the manger…so simple, so perfect! Merry Christmas!


  4. Oh Jill, I am so happy to hear an update from you! I’ve been missing updates on all of your latest adventures. These new photos for next year have me already excited for 2018. Our latest Winter ASL has me slowly taking in the photos and articles. I love going slowly through the pages and just thinking about what is presented. I like to study each page and think about what the owners worked to carefully create. I find that it is in the details that I can learn much about the eras and possibilities from each home that you showcase in ASL.

    On a separate note, we had to put down our beloved Kitty of 14 years last week. It has been harder than we expected to adjust to his absence and I miss him sitting on my lap while I read outside on the porch. He was my little porch buddy and always loved it when I was buried in one of your book recommendations or magazines because it meant a long lap for him!! LOL!!

    Wishing you safe travels while you complete these 2018 photo shoots. This time of year the weather can be unpredictable. Christmas Blessings and love to you and Todd!!


    1. Oh my dear Winnie, I am heart broken to hear of the loss of your kitty. You know that I feel your loss because these amazing animals God gives us are such a part of who we are. I’m praying for comfort in the coming days. Much love…..


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