Fall Photo Shoot in Michigan

I’m a bit late in posting this, but two weeks ago I had such an amazing week in Michigan with my Simple Life family. I have truly been blessed to be able to surround myself with the most creative and amazing people in the antique business today. I don’t want to give away all the amazing projects and photos to come out of our week of work, but here is just a tiny glimpse! Thank you Cheryl Jones, James Cramer, Eddie Shoop and Jane Wallace for your incredible hard work and talent! SO MANY GREAT THINGS coming to A Simple Life in future issues! I love my job !!!! No rest in sight though, I’m heading to the SIMPLE GOODS SHOW in Mansfield Ohio this Wednesday! The show is Saturday, Nov. 4th at the R & L Banquet Center! Hope to see you there!


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17 thoughts on “Fall Photo Shoot in Michigan

  1. Gosh, these photos are beyond gorgeous!! The pumpkin pies and the bucket of apples add that “this can only be glorious Fall” to the ambience. Gorgeous!! And oh how I would love a slice of that pumpkin pie and a crunch apple fresh from the tree!


      1. Jill, I just wanted to leave you a note that reading Aunt Arie has been such an inspiration!! I literally cried at the end because she had died and left such a big hole in the lives of her neighbors, friends, and me the reader. This book is inspirational on many levels and I am so glad that you offer it in the ASL HomeMade Catalogue. I recommend the book to any of your magazine readers. It would also make one fantastic gift for Christmas, birthday or just because.

        After finishing this book, I ordered several other FoxFire books from Amazon and now I am diving deeper into the Southern Appalachian history. Currently, I just started Portrait of a Pioneer and enjoying every page. What I can see more clearly now, is that your magazine, ASL, has helped explain, highlight and explore those homes whose owners have carefully recreated some of the simple beauty of this region of the country. Plus, many of your articles have also provided depth to some of the traditions and implements that are part of this rich and inspiring culture in those deep hollars of the Blue Ridge Mountains. After I finish all of my books, I am going to re-read your Make Do book as I think I will find a new layer of understanding and appreciation. Thank-you so much for helping bring so many articles, photos, and efforts of the many people you meet who have helped preserve and teach others the legacies of these mountain people and their communities. It is history so worthy of preserving for generations to come!

        *** Winnie, for some reason there is no REPLY button here. So I’m going to try this. I love your posts and they all mean so much to me. I’m so grateful you are enjoying the Foxfire books – and John Rice Irwin’s book about Alex Stewart. Such proud, industrious, soulful people! I love Appalachian history! I hope you have a wonderful and truly blessed Thanksgiving!

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  2. Love it all. !!! What is in the corn husks peeking out . Looks like maybe Juniper berries? Wish I could have met you all? Some of my favorite people all in one place.. Oh My. !!! What issue will this be in.


  3. I can almost smell that pie! Great photos as usual. You are very talented and I hope you continue to do what you’re doing for many years to come. You take us all to another place with each issue.


  4. Sending out a big ole Hello. What an amazing journey you are on Jill. These pictures of our friends homes are like Wow!!! I know I can feel myself settled in, cozy & comfy. We are all so blessed by what you bring to us.
    I have been following you, thought I needed a check in to let you know how you have touched by life. One of your many my friend. Susie B in Iowa~


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