8 thoughts on “Waking up in Bethel, PA this morning!

  1. Good Morning, Jill!! So good to hear from you in your video. Yesterday my Christmas Issue arrived and it is FANTASTIC!!! I am still going slowly over every page and taking it all in. It is full of inspirational ideas for decorating. How about that red corn cob tree? What a cool and clever idea for something different.

    Your shows this weekend sound like so much fun and I know they are a privilege to be a part of too. So much primitive goodness and lovely friends to enjoy!

    I also wanted to say that I can’t wait to put in an order from the Homemade Catalogue for a few books and items. Those new candles are calling my name!!

    Safe travels and have a wonderful weekend! Thank-you for all that you do and share with all of us here and in your publications!!!!


  2. Howdy Jill, It’s always a joy for me when you post a video! Glad you are out and about enjoying the Fall season with good folks. I received my Special Christmas issue and haven’t let myself go beyond page 7 LOL!! I don’t devour it in one big gulp! Instead, I savor each and every photo and word on each and every page. Life for so many of us can get hectic and overwhelming; ASL allows me to turn off all that noise and just breathe. Thanks, to all of you at ASL ~ for the fresh air!


  3. Hi Jill…
    You are such a breath of fresh country!
    I truly love everything that you do! Just when I thought that country had hit is high in the late 70’s and low’s in the late 90’s Here you came with such a wonderful magazine ! A Simple Life❤️
    I cherish every Simple Life Magazine ! Thank-You…
    I just thought I let you know I ran into Mary Emmerling last winter in Sunny AZ .. I introduced my self,and told her ALL ABOUT A SIMPLE LIFE .. She was so very interested ❤️
    Just keep doing what your doing and I will try not miss a thing😍


  4. Hi Jill,

    Your trip and upcoming shows sound like fun. I envy you getting to go to all those interesting places. Keep doing what you’re doing. I also received my Christmas issue of ASL and it is great. I especially like the wreaths in the cemetery and the sentiments with it. It’s near and dear to my heart.

    I was in Galax this morning and it was a glorious day. The fall season and being in the mountains is good for my soul. Be safe on your journeys……….Teresa


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