Antiques and Cattle Cesareans !

The last time we talked I promised you a video and photos from the Texas home of Clifford and Adrienne Dykes, and I let you down! It’s literally because my mouth got in the way! Ha! Adrienne and I have met several times and I had even been in her home before, although it was probably close to 13 years ago. But we had never “really” talked! Well, we made up for it last week when I photographed her and Cliff’s wonderful home. It was like we were sisters, connecting on every level. So the point I’m getting at is… I talked too much and forgot to take some photos for you with my phone so I could upload them to the blog from the road! And after arriving back in Virginia, my computer has been in the hospital! But never fear! HERE are a few sneak peeks of this incredible home, filled with so many great antiques! What a special day I had with this special couple!

Adrienne 2


Adrienne 1

Adrienne 3

Adrienne is an avid rug hooker and wool dyer. She gives classes all over the United States in rug hooking and has a wonderful collection of early rugs we’ll share in her article!

Adrienne 4

It’s been exciting on the farm since I returned home. We had a way overdue heifer calve and her baby was breech and way too big so we did a cesarean – four hour surgery in the dark near the barn. Mama is doing well but sore, and her bull calf wasn’t able to stand on his own for a couple of days. His back legs went through a lot of stress and strain while trying to pull him before the C-section. We were milking mama and he took right to the bottle. He is like a gentle dog – SO SWEET! His name is Erasmus.

Rass 5

Rass 2

Rass 3

Rass 1

Yesterday we took him to the vet clinic for x-rays to make sure nothing was broken and he got a good report! Just severe ligament damage which will heal as he gets stronger! He got two new casts to help support him in the meantime!

Rass 6

And today – he is doing so much better!

Rass 4

Tomorrow it’s back on the road for me! I have a great photo shoot lined up with an old friend in Illinois on Thursday, and Saturday (the 12th) I will be with Donna Shephard at the Tailings Country Store located inside Mother O’Leary’s Cabin, for a Fall Open House and Meet & Greet! Donna’s wonderful cabins are featured in the fall issue of A Simple Life! She is also hosting a Scarecrow Making Workshop, so if ya’ll come out – I promise to help you with your creations! It’s going to be a WONDERFUL DAY! Come see me in Shullsburg, Wisconsin from 10:00 to 4:00!

Donna 100




7 thoughts on “Antiques and Cattle Cesareans !

  1. I love Erasmus! I didn’t realize that a newborn calf would weigh that much……poor mama! Hope he does well. I got my fall issue of ASL a couple of days ago and saw Mother O’Leary’s Cabin. What a beautiful place and I envy you getting to spend time there this weekend. Looks like such a peaceful place. Have fun!


  2. Well Teresa, he shouldn’t weigh that much! ha! That is a lot of the problem! She just went overdue and he was way bigger than she could have, then he was breech to boot. Donna’s got the best knack for decorating – and especially for fall! I can hardly wait to see what she has in store for us this weekend! Wish you were riding along!


  3. Did you and Todd have to do the C-section yourselves? Yikes! “I don’t know nothin’ bout birthin’ no babies”…..sure hope momma and the big little guy continue to improve….love his baby face.


  4. Oh Jill, I love that new baby Heifer with his sweet little face and bottle. It is good to know that mom is doing OK and he is finally getting stronger and up to standing. Such a scary night you all had.

    My new Fall magazine came yesterday and I read it cover to cover. WONDERFUL every page! The story of Mother O’ Leary’s Cabin stole my heart. How utterly fantastic that you get to participate in Donna’s meet and greet in the cabin store. Oh, I would be there if it wasn’t so far away. Scarecrows have always been a fall love of mine and I bet there will be some pretty creative and awesome ones created with your help! Who doesn’t love a scarecrow for the Fall season??

    Please let Donna know she has a new big fan of her Tailings County Store from way down here in Florida.

    Drive carefully and have a great visit!


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