2 thoughts on “Conroe, TX home of Danny & Kathi Fagan

  1. What a beautiful home. Are the candles all real or are some of them battery powered, etc. ? You’re so lucky to get to see all these places but I don’t know where you get all that energy. Be careful in that fast traffic….lol. We went to Pennsylvania one time and got in some traffic that was doing 80 to 85. You had to drive at least 80 to keep from getting run over. The only problem was that we were pulling a 35ft. 5th wheel camper. A state trooper passed us like we were sitting still. Anyway, be safe and good luck on your shoot today. Thanks for the video and great pictures.


  2. Oh my stars!! What a treasure trove of beautiful antiques in the Heart of Texas.

    Remind me never to drive in Houston! You are one brave soul so please , please be careful. I know you are careful, but Yowza! Basic speed limit at 80? That scares me!

    I am glad that you are able to enjoy a trip back to Texas and reconnect with 20 years of friends and familiar places too! It is important to keep connected to the places and people that we love because our lives are a tapestry of many threads and woven patterns. I love your spirit of tough loyalty and pride in your work and the people you meet. I would say that the same qualities are what make the people of Appalachia and the Blue Ridge Mountains kin folk souls. Speaking of going on and on, I wonder if the tie that binds these traits and many of us who love ASL, is precisely the love of simple real things whether you find it in homes or the people who live there or both? Anyone who has taken the time and energy to reconnect with the past and value and learn about how our families past generations approached living see life very differently. What a joy it must be to keep finding these people and meeting them or reconnecting with them in your work.

    Looking forward to the visit today and your feedback with us. Take care and enjoy!


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