11 thoughts on “Days of the Pioneer, Our Fall Issue & O-HI-O Trip Video!

  1. Strollin’ down memory lane from my chair. So fun to be a “mouse in your pocket” on all these adventures.


  2. You are right! Days of the Pioneer show is the most anticipated show of the year! If you have never been… you have to go… if you’ve been, you know what a GREAT show it is! It is the most amazing, fun, and just the best darn time you will ever have!!!!!! PROMISE!
    Can’t wait to see Bobbie and Rogers collection!


  3. Ohhhh, I can’t wait for our ASL Fall issue!! And…. I got a good buddy who lives in north Georgia and we are coming to the Pioneer Days this year on Saturday!!! I can’t wait to meet you in person and attend this event. It all sounds wonderful and I know I am going to be in Appalachian Heaven for a day!! Thanks for the tip to buy tickets ahead now on line. Will do! Fall fever is building up in me listening to your visit and all of the cool things coming up in just two months! Summer has been here since April and has never extended it’s welcome for my liking. Lol!! Looking forward to seeing those Blue Ridge Mountains and tapping my feet to some fantastic music amidst wonderful antiques! Bring it on!!


  4. Howdy Jill, Here I am; a born and bred Buckeye and I learn from you about a town called Westfield, Oh. which I’d never heard of….that is funny to me and cool by the way! Maybe Ralph and I will check it out sometime since we enjoy a good day trip! As for the Fall issue, you can bet I’ll soon start with the “honey, do ya think that mail truck has run yet?” HaHa!!!! Jill, how’s that awesome cabin coming along? Best of blessings to you & Todd:)


  5. Hi Jill,
    Looking forward seeing you again at the Days of The Pioneer Show….first time attending & can’t wait! Also, thanks for the tip about purchasing tickets ahead of time 🙂
    Susan Herrman


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