Magnolia Pearl Clothing Co.

While I was in Texas I took a little detour purely for fun! I went to Magnolia Pearl Clothing Co. in Fredericksburg. Many of you who see me at shows know I wear a lot of Magnolia Pearl and I LOVE, LOVE, did I say, LOVE it! They opened a shop, which is like an art gallery, about two years ago and it is all the brain child of the brilliant Robin Brown. Here are a few pics from the shop but you can see more pics on their website. This shop is definitely a vacation destination all on its own, but the town of Fredericksburg is wonderful too! They have two kitchens and two bathrooms that are even amazing! Ha!



7 thoughts on “Magnolia Pearl Clothing Co.

  1. I have heard of this place before. It nenver saw these cute photos of the inside and out. Definitely a must visit place too!

    I am in the airport waiting for our plane headed to France for two weeks. Going to do a lot is sight seeing and enjoying lots of good food and beautiful countryside.


  2. I am out on the highway, with my thumb out!!! Our mom Charlotte! Magnolia Pearl! And Carol Boltons 5 stores!! Love love love!….. Waiting!!! Oxoxox jimmie


  3. Jill, I admire your style and you wear it well! This shop looks so amazing…never saw anything like it before. Thanks for giving me a peek at what’s out there. Always fun!:)


  4. I watched the Magnolia Pearl web site for a long time when they were in the other house, marveling at the uniqueness and drooling over the clothes , which I could never wear because I am too short to look good in all those frillies and pantaloons but love the look. Her furniture was aso to die for and her beginning story interesting, and then she moved and opened the new stores in Texas and I also went in a different direction to primitives so I left her. Now you bring her back into focus and I am delighted with the photos. She is so eclectic in everything she does and in her travels to buy this stuff so I may have to come back just for the love of the unique and old world flavor. Thanks for sharing!!! Maybe a page or two in one of your new issues of this decorating and furniture place.?


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