Waking Up In Alabama!

 Welcome to, “Sweet Home Alabama!” I’ve set out on a 2.5 week journey and my first stop is the Deep South!

What a wonderful day in Alabama! You’re going to love the home and cabin of Jean & Allen Gilliland in a future issue of A Simple Life! Don’t bother calling Jean about this red corner cupboard though! My name is already on it!! Ha! The icing on the cake to a perfect day was having Jean’s sister, and my friend – Bettye Wagner join us!


 It was a hot day in the south though, I gotta say! Even the cows went for a dip to cool off!!!

Laying my head down in Baton Rouge tonight – Texas bound in the morning!

6 thoughts on “Waking Up In Alabama!

  1. Alrighty, Jill….but I call dibs on that gorgeous box atop the cupboard!! Safe travels and try to stay cool in all this heat…most of all; enjoy!:)


  2. Jill, never mind the red cupboard, I can’t stop swooning over that log cabin!!!!!! I am looking forward to seeing more in a future ASL. Wow, that front porch is just begging for some porch sittin’ and a tall glass of ice tea. Enjoy your travels and stay safe!! By the way, I am currently enjoying Aunt Cory’s Apple butter candle, which is my favorite, and it would be even better in what I imagine to be the kitchen inside this cabin.


  3. Winnie, here is something I know you will love! There is a bench on the cabin porch that was in the movie “The Doll Maker!” One of my very favorite books! So, yes indeed, we did some ‘porch sitting’ in Alabama!


    1. Well that settles it! The Doll Maker is now on the top of my list for the next book. I am taking when Cricket’s cry next week when we leave for France for two weeks and I have two looooong plane rides to entertain myself. Thanks for the new lead and I am glad you enjoyed some proper “porch sittin’ Bama style!


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