8 thoughts on “Driving home from a photo shoot!

  1. Wow, you have tears running down my face as well, don’t think for a moment that I haven’t reflected many times the day you stopped by the ranch. I am so glad that we took the time to visit the wonderful cowboy church in the valley and you got to see the vastness of these Sandhills. I will forever treasure your visit and pinch myself over and over that you came way out here! Love you my friend.


  2. Such a heartfelt message! The passion you have for what you do is so clear to see. It’s such a part of the wonderful person you are…stay passionate!!


  3. Ok , now I am crying with you!!! What a sweet and heartfelt tribute you have given the generous and gracious homeowners who share their homes with all of us. I am joining you in thanking them for their gift to people like me who would never have the chance to see and appreciate the work and love they have done with a piece of land and a house all made into a place of love and comfort.

    Jill, I am currently in Asheville NC visitig my daughter and soaking in the Blue Ridge Mts at every turn. Oh my how I never tire of their beauty and the absolute comfort they bring to my soul in all seasons!! Last evening we rode along the BLue Ridge Parkway and stopped at several look out points just to take it all in. Hush…. what ‘s that I hear??? A bit of Bajo pickin’ down there in the hollow? Or do I just have memories of past experiences and recent articles and ideas from ASL and They Made Do swirling about my brain?? Lol!! Does it even matter? The Blue Ridge Mts are full of stories and banjo pickin and perhaps it just radiates when you stop at the look out points?


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