18 thoughts on “Headed to Seven Gates Farm this morning!

  1. Good Morning Jill! I just flew home from being in Baltimore all weekend with friends. It was deliciously cool and cloudy which was so awesome for this Florida girl. I am looking forward to what you and James come up with for Christmas at Seven Gates Farm! it is going to be wonderful what ever you do together because the two of you have heads full of fantastic ideas and knowledge. We are going to all benefit, I am sure of it!

    A few decades ago, I did host a wreath making party with some friends from church in late November and it was so much fun. Everyone brought things from their home or craft stash to share and I made a big pot of chili for lunch. We had the best time together and I often wish I could pull that idea together again. It is hard to do something like that these days and people seem to have less interest and busier lives. But, I highly recommend this activity because the shared creativity energizes everyone and the results are amazing. Everyone went home with a beautiful wreath made from local greens, pinecones, and other natural items to enjoy for the holiday season. Plus, like you say, you just can’t say enough about the benefit of the fellowship together!

    Have a safe and fun trip and I look forward to the fruits of this creative endeavor!


  2. Seven Gates will be full of fun and laughter, I am jealous that I am not there too! A big thanks for keeping your magazine great and humble.

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  3. Howdy Jill, Look at you…on the road again and looking so cute! Love the necklace you’re wearing!
    I’m busy with house work today and looking every bit the opposite of stylish, ha! It was so nice to sit down for a few minutes and hear a video message from you to all of us! I envy you; arriving at your destination…beautiful Seven Gates Farm. ENJOY!!


  4. Oh my sweet friend, I so loved seeing your smile this morning! How fun to get to spend tome with Jimmie at his wonderful home.. as Sami said, I wish I were there too!! SO excited for the special Christmas issue.. oh my, it will be grand!!! Have a sparkly day, darlin! 💗

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  5. I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! I would love to see his house and gardens. I have all his books. Okay, now I sound like a groupie!
    My sisters and I made garland for fall last year. We all brought supplies to use for our garlands. It was so much fun! This year we’re doing Christmas garland. I’m sure the Christmas issue will be open and ideas will be used. Thanks, Jill, for publishing my favorite magazine. ❤️

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  6. What a great sounding trip. I remember seeing an article about Seven Gates Farm years and years ago and thought what a great place it was. I believe I have one of his books from long ago. I look forward to the Christmas issue and I’m sure whatever you photograph there will be great. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be in Fancy Gap not too far from where you live……..Teresa Baldwin


  7. Good morning, Jill. I am so excited that James Cramer is on board with you! I love his books and own several. One year I made the angel ornament that was on the cover of his book, Tis The Season. I sent it to family and friends as my Christmas card that year. I kept one for myself and I display it each year. I anxiously await the Christmas special issue! Love and prim blessings to you.


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