The Raid at Martin’s Station 2017

Those of you who have been following my blog since the beginning, know all about the Raid at Martin’s Station in Ewing, Virginia. I wrote about my amazing experience last May and talked about counting the days until the 2017 event. If finally arrived this weekend and my friend Josh and I were again among the spectators. We’ve vowed to make it an annual event! This year did not disappoint and we had a wonderful time with good friends.

For those of you that don’t know about this event – “…more than 300 living historians re-enact life at Joseph Martin’s frontier fort. Two cultures clash and the flames of war are once again ignited on Virginia’s frontier.  Set among the most authentically re-constructed frontier fort in America, Virginia’s frontier comes alive each May. The original Martin’s Station played a relatively short but significant part in the history of southwestern Virginia and the early settlement of Kentucky. The station takes its name from Joseph Martin, who was born cir. 1740 in Albemarle County, Virginia. Following a somewhat restless early life which included service in the French and Indian War, Joseph Martin became the overseer for a wealthy relative who was closely connected with Dr. Thomas Walker. This connection with Dr. Walker proved valuable for Joseph Martin, who would eventually be selected by Dr. Walker to lead an expedition into the Powell’s Valley, where there would many Native American and British soldier attacks.

I didn’t get quite as many photos this year as I did last – so feel free to scroll down on my blog to the story and photos surrounding the 2016 event. Here are a few I was able to capture yesterday:

blog 2211

blog 2212

blog 2210

blog 2209

blog 2208

blog 2202

blog 2206

blog 2204

blog 2203

blog 2200

blog 2205

blog 2201

blog 2207





Friends, I just can’t stress enough how much you would love this event if you put it on your calendar now for 2018! It is purely AUTHENTIC in every detail.

Here is a link to a wonderful video of the 10th anniversary Raid at Martin’s Station.

Thanks for your visit with me tonight ! This week I will try to get back to sharing photos from the last ten years of Homestead Publishing, Inc!





8 thoughts on “The Raid at Martin’s Station 2017

  1. Looks like something that I would enjoy. I especially like anything to do with Native Americans. It’s nice that we have people to re-enact these events. I wish that a lot of young people would attend these. I’m afraid our younger generation is missing out on a lot of things in this computer age that we live in. I was thinking about my mother yesterday and my wonderful memories of my childhood. I’m afraid that a lot of kids these days will never enjoy, smelling the honeysuckle, watching the birds building nests and raising their babies. I just watched a family of baby bluebirds leave the nest last week. Now I’m watching a family of wrens in a house on my front porch. I wonder if a lot of the kids every play hide & seek, Red Rover, etc. Luckily, I experienced these things and many more & they’re forever in my heart and mind. Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing all your experiences and great photos………..Teresa


  2. Wow, I would LOVE to attend this! I did not know about this state park and it looks like a must visit for me. Colonial history is a big favorite of mine especially when there is a chance to see a re-enactement like this weekend provides. Thanks for sharing as I always love it when you share wonderful bits of history that are open to all of us. The little corner of SW Virginia is a place I know the least about and it looks like I need to get busy and get out there and explore. Ahhh and those beautiful and comforting Blue Ridge Mountains decked out in fall attire in that video!! sigh. It makes me homesick!!!


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