Simple Goods Bound!

Join me on my trip to Simple Goods!!!

And see me sticking out my tongue! Ha!

Here is a link to the song I mentioned in my video:

Magnolia Wind from Shawn Camp



6 thoughts on “Simple Goods Bound!

  1. Happy Thursday to ya, Jill! Man, oh man, I love my Ohio and what a great week for folks to be here…with all these amazing shops and shows going on for days!! I know some wish they could be here but can’t make it…hey, it’s never too early to plan for next year!! Jill, how darned lucky are we to be surrounded by our friends, like minded folks, and the best antiques?? Everyone will have so much fun this weekend!! We’ll be busy as bees at Ginny’s!;)


  2. Magnolia Wind is a new one to me and it is beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing with us too. Enjoy your weekend at the Simple Goods show. It sounds awesome and I know there are many people who will be there with great antiques, stories, and friendship hugs. Have a wonderful Saturday and please show us some of the highlights if you can.

    And a big THANKS for an early sending of our ASL summer magazine! So looking forward to reading it.

    PS By the way, I wanted to thank you for the book recommendation of Wrapped in Rain. Oh my, it was just fantastic! I opened the book on the plane home from Madrid, and read it to completion (about a 10 hour flight) all the way home to Atlanta. With few interruptions, I felt like I was actually living this story from beginning to end. Plus, it has some parts not far from my home along the St. John’s River. It talked about places that I have actually been many times so the story felt so real to me.

    If anyone wants a great book to enjoy, I highly recommend this one. You won’t be disappointed.


    1. Dearest Winnie, I so enjoy and appreciate all the notes you leave me on my blog! We are most certainly kindred spirits, kith and kin!

      I enjoy hearing of your travels as well and look forward to meeting you one day!

      Much love! Jill


      1. Thank-you Jill for such kind words! I also feel that kindred spirit tie as well. This September, I am trying to get to the big weekend in Clinton, Tennessee to see what all goes on and meet you as well. I will see how my planning works out. It all looks like such fun there and so many like minded Primitive antique lovers attend.


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