Looking back on the “Settlement” book

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon that feels like spring, I invite you to join me in looking back over the wonderful homes of Carolyn and Rich Green, Lizzie Arakelian, Mary and Phil de Buhr, and Marion and Chuck Atten – all of which appeared in the Settlement book.

Each home is distinctly different than the others, each one unique in its own way. But all four showing a wonderful early American country spirit. I always marvel at the different decorating styles using wonderful early antiques from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Carolyn and Rich live in an early stone house in Missouri, and she and her partner, Amanda Canter, operate a wonderful shop – “Friends Together Antiques” in Rocheport.

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Lizzie Araklian – author of “Lizzie’s Diary” in A Simple Life Magazine, lived in Ohio when we featured her home for the Settlement book. Lizzie has a love for make-dos and  frontier style decorating. She now resides in Missouri.

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Mary de Buhr has been a leading dealer in the antiques business for  many years. Also an incredible stylist and decorator – her home has a wonderful calming sense about it. She has added on a log cabin addition that we will revisit in another “looking back” segment.

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Marion Atten, a dealer of 17th C. antiques, lived in Pecatonica, Illinois at the time of this photo shoot. Her and her husband Chuck have since moved to DeWitt, Illinois to be closer to their family and you can look forward to seeing that home in an issue of A Simple Life later this year.

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I’ll tell you a funny story from the day I spent with Marion in Pecatonica. She lit a fire in one of the back rooms of her home so that we could get a good photo. But before long the room was totally engulfed in smoke. I don’t mean just a little smoky, I mean can’t see anything “smoky!” And we both were thinking along the same lines – “Awesome! Hurry! Get some good shots because it makes the room look really early!” So we are both dying, with tears running down our faces making sure we got a good photo! And it worked! To this day when I’m with other homeowners who have trouble with their fireplace, I think back on that day with Marion and I’m so grateful we didn’t burn her house down! ha! But we did get some wonderful photos!

6 thoughts on “Looking back on the “Settlement” book

  1. I’ve never seen The Settlement Book so I really enjoyed these pictures. What lucky people to live in such beautiful homes with those wonderful collections. I also enjoyed your “fireplace” story. You certainly live an interesting life! I envy you. Have a great day.

    Teresa in NC


  2. A very happy Monday to ya, Jill!! As for me, “the Settlement”, might be my favorite of your first three books. But then again…I enjoy them all!!
    When I was a kid…my cousin and I would play a game with the Sears toy catalog (the Wish book). We each blindly would open to a page and point somewhere on it and pretend that would be our toy!! I think of your books like “Wish Books” too and some of the antiques I’ve wished for have come to me. Games and wishing…they keep the child within us smiling:)


  3. Thank-you for a little tour of these homes featured in the Settlement Book. All of them are just inspiring. I especially loved the shots from the home of Lizzie as I always love her Lizzie’s Diary in ASL issues. It would be fun to see all of her house and hear how she is inspired to write the diary entries. I hope she will continue to submit Lizzie’s Diary for future issues because I am now hooked on the family and what is happening with them!

    I was curious to learn that a smoky look in photos is what often gives the best results for these older homes. I bet fireplaces that didn’t draft well were a constant problem for families and a huge risk of dreaded fire. I can’t imagine the trauma of having your log cabin burn to the ground in the middle of Winter with no place to go except the barn.

    Thanks for today’s photo show and I hope you and Todd have a Blessed Easter this weekend!


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