Music City – Nashville, TN

What a wonderful visit I had in Nashville last week! My cousins came out to the farm here in Virginia for a few days and then we rented a big house in Nashville. My cousin Greg and I are very close – and have been since our growing up years. His beautiful bride, Carolyn, is like a sister and his two girls – Amanda and Kaylee are like my own. I’m so proud of the beautiful women they’ve grown into. And they even still like to hang out with us old folks! ha!

After going to Colonial Williamsburg, Carter Fold, Floyd, Asheville and the Grayson Highlands National Park, we hit the road to Music City.  We crammed a lot of fun into a few days and experienced many places. I had some great photos on my phone but many of them won’t “save” once I get them to Photoshop. I have this problem a lot with photos from my phone – anyone out there have a cure for that?

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We visited the Ryman:

blog nash 3   blog nash blog nash 2

Where we saw lots of memorabilia (above is Bill Monroe’s hat) and got a backstage tour. I learned that George Strait is not a member of the Grand Old Opry – WHAT?! Get this – it’s due to lack of showing interest on his part! And Johnny Cash and Hank Williams are the only two members who have gotten kicked out of the Opry!

We spent a long time at the Country Music Hall of Fame – a place you could spend two days! I saw my hero, Ralph Stanley’s banjo, Webb Pierce’s awesome car, and Hank William’s boots.

blog nash 7 blog nash 6 blog nash 8

One of my favorite stops was the Johnny Cash Museum.

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And no doubt we ate a LOT of GOOD FOOD! Nashville has become famous for their “HOT” Chicken and one of the best for that is Hattie B’s.  You have to stand in line outside for quite awhile but we all agreed, “It was worth the wait!”

blog nash 5

Guess what? I actually saw a DONATOS PIZZA in Nashville! What?! They must be branching out. I want to give my dear friend Jake Coy a big thank you for my Donatos gift card I got in the mail! You can bet I’ll be using that when I’m in Ohio for Simple Goods in two weeks!


Lots more great memories were made and I’m already thinking of my next visit to Music City!

As promised from before – here are a few more photos from my first book, “Homestead.”

The wonderful log home of Ralph and Linda Miller:

blog nash 9

blog nash 11

A visit to the Lone Star State to see Pat Evans. I’m going to call Pat this week and see if we can arrange another visit to her home for the magazine!

blog nash 12

And another photo from a reader favorite – the home of Carolyn Thompson!

blog nash `0

The summer issue is going to print TOMORROW! And I’ll be back this weekend with another trip down memory lane – looking back over some of your favorite homes! Stay tuned!

P.S for my readers in the upstate New York area – be sure and visit my friends John and Barb O’Brien at Good Old Days Country Shop in Pultneyville.  After many wonderful years they have decided to retire and everything in the shop must go! They’re having a great sale. I will miss John and Barb – they have always been a wonderful, loyal supporter of my publishing business. All the best in your retirement guys!

9 thoughts on “Music City – Nashville, TN

  1. Wow, what a wonderful visit you had with your family! It sounds like you all hit all the highlights between Virginia and Tennessee too, Glad you were able to be together and have so much fun exploring.

    Oh my, that Log Cabin of Ralph and Linda Miller!!!! How I wish you still had copies of Homestead because I sure would purchase it!

    Looking forward to our Summer issue of ASL. I’ve already read and re-read the Spring one many times!! LOL!!


  2. Jill, thank you for all of these beautiful pictures. What a treat on this stormy night. I am always excited when you post new things and I love your videos too. Looking forward to the summer issue. Your magazine is the best ever!!!


  3. What a great trip and the best photos. Looking forward to the Spring issue.
    As for your photoshop pics…..With the photo open go up to File, click Save As, give it a name and choose the “format”
    (JPEG) is best for most everything, then click save. It will give you an option where on the left side.
    (desktop etc) choose one and then click save. Hope this works for you.


    1. Thank you Marcia! Yes, that is how I normally save photos but for some reason, often times photos from my phone can’t be saved! It goes through the whole process like it’s going to work and then at the end it says it can’t be saved. Boo hoo!


  4. Howdy Jill, Gotta say, Ralph & Linda have our favorite home…so welcoming, cozy and most importantly a livable space. Linda has such an experienced eye for antiques and knows how to place each one in just the right spot. Love their yard and the fences and with her shop right there…who could ask for more!


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