Looking Back, #2

I never could find more of my photos from the first book, “Homestead.”  But in the next couple of days I will get the book out and scan some of them for you.  Tonight I have some great homes from my second book – “Settlement.”  This was a great big book – filled with such wonderful folks and homes,  and I loved every minute I worked on it.

In this book I thought I would share a couple of folk artists that I admire, with you. First out was Anne Childs. Anne and her husband John live in Arkansas and it was funny because I had known Anne and John for quite awhile but they had never mentioned their home to me, and surprising – neither had anyone else. I’m not even sure if I knew they lived in a log cabin, but I might have. At any rate, I was totally under the assumption I was going to photograph a few of Anne’s amazing paintings and head to the next shoot. LANDS! What a surprise I had in store! I walked in the door to the most amazing, big log house I could ever imagine! And it was filled with wonderful, early things – all displayed by the eye and hand of an artist of course! Literally within five minutes I asked them what they were doing for the rest of the day AND tomorrow because this suddenly turned into a house shoot! What a great day and surprise that was! That has never happened since. Anne and I had such a connection over so many things that unfolded over that trip and boy we had an awesome dinner at their favorite Mexican restaurant too. I’d have to give that trip a TEN! And I know you’ll agree when you see these!

John was a landscaper when he and Anne met and he has done amazing things with their property.

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blog 401

blog 402

Steven Stout and Robert Strauss live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and their house has been photographed by countless wonderful publications. You can see why! They both have a keen eye for the very best early American antiques and also have a shop in their home.

blog 403

They love all the things I do – mortars, hornbeams and brooms!

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Back in the day, I used to do a show down in Texas at my friend Dawn Hodges. Cheryl and I used to do Round Top together and we’d set up over at Dawn’s farm at the same time. Dawn’s show is still going strong and bigger than ever. She fills the grounds will lots of wonderful dealers. Although Dawn’s show is a big claim to fame – her real talent is COOKING and loving on people. I don’t know how many people in her church she cooks for every week – and I will honestly tell you that she is the BEST COOK I KNOW, hands down!

Blog 406

Needless to say, she’s a pretty awesome collector and decorator too!

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Also in Texas are my friends, Jean and Roy Doty. They live down on the coast in Beaumont. I met this wonderful couple also doing a show – the Dolly Johnson show in Ft. Worth. They were my neighbors and they kept me entertained with wonderful stories about their home and collections. Both so knowledgeable about early things – I learned a lot from them when I visited.  We’ve been good friends ever since and I’m proud to say they are dealers at our Days of the Pioneer show too!

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Across the Red River, over in Oklahoma, I found myself at the home of Don and Pat Gaddy. Lots of you probably have a wonderful item in your home that was made by them. They have a Picture-Trail site where they sell their handmade reproductions that are the very best. They make amazing treenware , wonderful lighting and so much more – but you have to be fast because when they have an update they sell out within minutes. I had a wonderful, wonderful time with them in their home outside of Tulsa.

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blog 414

blog 416

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So that’s going to do it for the home tour this go round. I’ll be back in a few days with lots more!

I wanted to share a quick photo of our cabin progress. It’s been too cold to chink the past week but a little bit has been done here and there.

blog 407

Also, I wanted to give you a chuckle – a couple weeks ago I had dinner with my friend Ken Reid while we were in Illinois for the shows. Prior to leaving home he sent me a curious email asking me if I liked chocolate. That was and easy answer! ha!  So when we met up for dinner – he gave me this beautiful little bag all tied up with pretty tissue paper and told me to open it later – that it was from a local Chocolate Company in New Hampshire who were quite famous for their candy.   We went in and had a great dinner and I kind of forgot about it. The next morning while sitting at the show I found the bag and opened it … and THIS is what was inside!

blog 301

Yes indeed – those ARE Chocolate MICE! They even had the prettiest ribbon tails. Ok … so maybe ALL mice aren’t bad !!!



13 thoughts on “Looking Back, #2

  1. I love looking back at all these wonderful homes, I keep all the books handy just for that purpose. Looks like your cabin is coming along nicely. The mice from Ken are fabulous and the right kind to have.


  2. Great pictures. It always amazes me to see some of these homes. What talented people, wonderful decorating and great collectibles. Thanks for sharing!…….Teresa


  3. Isn’t it exciting to see the logs of your cabin chinked??!! Such difficult and time consuming work but when you step back and drink in that view…it’s worth every drop of sweat, back, shoulder and knee pain!!! When Ralph did our little 14×14 cabin out back, I said to him one day “after you chink that one bit of wall you’ll be done” to which he replied “only with the outside; I have to do the same on the inside too.” Well…call me naive and green as grass but there’s a lot to be said for the ability to learn as we go method!!! LOL!!! Keep up the great work, Todd!!!


  4. Hi Jill! We just got home from two weeks in Spain and Portugal so I am late catching up here with all the news. These photos are wonderful and you know how I LOVE the ones about log cabins. Your new cabin is really coming along and Todd is doing a fantastic job. I never knew it was so complex but it makes sense or they would not have lasted as long as they have.

    The homes that you photograph and share are amazing collections of some of our greatest examples of American heritage. Plus, ASL allows people like me to have a “front row seat” from your interviews and visits. It is the BEST and I thank-you for your devotion to this work!


  5. Hello Jill, I have been missing your posts and I bet others do too. With the busy schedule you keep; I imagine you are working on something exciting and challenging! Looking forward to seeing you in just a few weeks….be well:)


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