Looking Back …

My publishing career began about eleven years ago with my first hard cover book – Homestead. Wow, that seems more like 20 years ago sometimes and yet, just yesterday at other times. It has been a wonderful journey through nine books and seven and a half years of magazine publishing. I’m very blessed to share in the lives of the greatest homeowners in our industry and they make every day a great day to go to work.

So over the next several weeks I’m going to be looking back over my career and sharing some stories with you, along with some of my favorite photos from each book project and each magazine issue. Sadly, I don’t have all of my Homestead book photo files, but I’ll be posting what I can find over the next week. Tonight I’ll start with these ….

On the cover – the home of Carolyn Thompson.

blog 5001

My time with Lisha Holt in Kentucky was great. For those of you who know Lisha, you know how much fun she is and we had a lot of laughs that day. She has an eye for detail like no one else I’ve ever met. It might be time to revisit Lisha soon for the magazine! What do you think?

blog 5011

blog 5010

blog 5018

I went to Iowa to photograph Steve and Rita Carnine and I remember being so nervous! Now Rita is one of my dearest friends and I love her and Steve like family. She has the absolute best vignettes – more of which were in my Fragments book. I’ve been thinking of doing a Fragments Two – get ready for me Rita!

blog 5015

blog 5016

blog 5017

This is the Missouri home of Vernon Reeves. Since that time, Vernon has sold his log house and moved into St. Louis where we featured his townhouse in an issue of A Simple Life. Vernon’s log house was really special – just like he is.

blog 5019

blog 5009

blog 5008

Vernon’s good friend and neighbor, Joan Lucas also lives in a log house, which is currently for sale. Joan was the first person I called when I was considering starting a magazine to get her thoughts. She has been a wonderful friend ever since I photographed her home all those years ago. I love you Joan! I will be looking for more photos from her house in the coming days, but this is an “iconic” Joan Lucas shot!

blog 5007

Steve and Sharon Clymer from Paducah are co-owners with Lisha at American Harvest Antiques. One of the greatest early American and primitive antiques shops around. Sharon and Steve are truly two of my most favorite people on the planet!

blog 5012

blog 5013

I’ve always loved this vignette of miniature books and tiny treasures in Sharon’s entryway.

blog 5004

This was my buttery in our house in Texas. All of the things in this photo have long since been sold, but tonight I’m kind of wishing I had that red dry sink top back! Whoever has it – call me!

blog 5021

And this last photo is from Carolyn Thompson’s home in Ohio. Carolyn has been a leader in our business for many, many years. I will find more photos from Carolyn’s wonderful home soon.

blog 5020

So join me again, over the next several weeks for hundreds of more photos and homes to come – documenting the last eleven years of Homestead Publishing, Inc. !

26 thoughts on “Looking Back …

  1. I loved seeing all the pictures. Especially Sharon and Lisha’s houses. American Harvest is a great place to visit. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures in the weeks to come. ❤



  2. All so beautiful all so timeless ….. I cherish all your books and magazines ….. thanks for your vision and making it happen ~~~D


  3. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures!! I really enjoyed them! Sooo ready for another book!! You better get busy!! That’s a joke,isn’t it!! ? You are always busy!! Don’t know how you do everything you do,but I enjoy seeing it all!! Take care! Looking forward to seeing what’s next!! 🙂


  4. Loved your post tonight, my sweet friend! Enjoyed all the pics and you know that was our #1 request at DOP…….another book, please. Everyone will be so happy if you can make it happen. Take care and know how much we all appreciate you!! Hugs to you and Todd


  5. Wow, first time popping over. I love that people can live with these old beautiful things. I’m more of a European city mouse and Old World antiques, but treasure each and every one and use them to the purpose they were made for. 😀


  6. Oh my gosh wonderful memories . I go thru the books often and it sparks me to find more things and dig deeper for primitives. Love everything you do and come up with. Hope you find your dry sink top. Yes revisit Lisha and all the others. New book? Yes!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I have all your books! Love each and everyone! Your in Galax, so close to my cabin! If your ever in Rural Retreat stop by and see me at the briarpatch!


  8. Well, I know what I’m doing today, Miss Jill.. It’s cold, cold, cold and snow is on the ground. Just the perfect time to sit in front of the fire with Mikey, and relish your books……..AGAIN ! I have them all, so it’s a lovely day ahead !📕📗📘📙📕📗📘


  9. Ahhhhh….Jill! Loved visiting all of these homes today & hoping for some quality time later to obsess over my my Fragments & Homecoming books. We are just coming off a stretch of 48 hrs. of no power …major damaging wind storm here in upstate NY, so I need some comfort “food”!



  10. I am loving this post and those that will follow! Growing up it seemed to always be me who would drag out the old family photos and study each one with the intent to learn all I could about our roots.
    So, let me clear the table and put on the coffee. Jill, you pull out the albums and begin to tell the stories…I’m ready to reminisce with you!


  11. Your photos are always fantastic! Plus, I love hearing your stories of each of these special people and their incredible homes. I am always reminded that when I see a photo, it is based on unique and lovely people who have a passion for preserving our rich heritages and local stories of their areas. ASL brings us these people and places that we would never have known about. My life is always made better by learning and hearing about what drove them to preserve and explore life that was part of the era of the birth and growth of our nation. Thank-you Jill for bringing your passion into our lives with your books and magazine!!


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