10 thoughts on “Homesteaders on the Prairie

  1. Whew, you were in a really bad storm during this visit!! I hope your trip to Illinois will be easier soon. You take care!!!I hope the show goes great and I know you will have fun connecting up with so many old friends and making new ones. Looking forward to photos from the event too. Thanks for saving us a “seat” in the truck with you on your journeys. It is always a good time with great conversations.

    Prayers to all of our ASL friends who have been effected by the dangerous storms.

    I just saw the previous post of those darling calves. Oh my the faces are so adorable too.


  2. Loved this!!!! You be careful out there!!!! I’m in Mt. Juliet , Tn. We kinda attach 5o Nashville. So anytime you’re gonna be here, I’ll take ya to the Cracker Barrel for a good meal!!!!! I do enjoy your magazine and books soooooo much!


  3. LOL!!!! Oh Jill, you can sure tell a story and I love the way you talk and the faces you can make!!!
    Thanks for the laughter…Ralph and I both enjoyed this time with you!!!
    Hopefully the weather improves….especially for those folks picking up the pieces of their lives after the terrible storms that blew through. Prayers for everyone.
    P.S. You’d think my poor grammar and lack of proper punctuation would keep me from writing anything at all…LOL…but heck, where’s the fun in that??? I think it’s important for folks to reach out and connect. You do a great job of that!!!


  4. Lord, what a storm to have to drive in!! Be careful!!! Hadn’t heard you talking in a while, you are beginning to sound like the rest of us mountain people!! So now I won’t have to worry about how country I sound around you!! Love it! I guess you left Todd home with the babies!!! Lucky guy! Rabbit saw your new calves, now he wants cattle! I love the voice, was so sad when no one turned around for the little Kentucky guy!!!I have a great time at the shows! Love News from the Holler!


  5. Jill, just love your live streaming. You have a way with words, just keep on telling all the secrets, I had to laugh about your closet. Ha! My closet has clothes in it. I am with Lyn I am a prankster too. Her and I would get along fine! You have a safe travel home. Pray that all the ones in the path of the storm are getting the help they need too.


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