Birth of Spring

A sure sign of spring in Galax, Virginia: baby calves. Five were born in the last two weeks for a total of twelve so far. More should be coming in the next few days. Seeing lots of “white” this year, which I call “chrome!” ha!

This is my cow, Saird Luckett, and her new heifer calf.



This is a bull calf that was born a few days ago – a Panda!


The two newest “cousins” love playing together!



These babes are a few weeks old:


We raise Simmental’s and have pretty much switched over to black but we still have a few red cows who have occasional red calves (a red cow can have a black calf too if bred to a black bull.)


It’s going to be in the high 70’s today with a chance of setting a record, but back to freezing temps for the weekend! I think most of us are experiencing these crazy highs and lows this year.

I’m headed out tonight for the Homesteaders on the Prairie Antique Show in Arthur, Illinois! Five great shows at seven venues in the area this weekend! Come out and see me!

19 thoughts on “Birth of Spring

  1. Well, thanks so much for this post! I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma and there is just nothing prettier, sweeter or cuter than baby calves! You made my day.


  2. The best part of Spring is…because God loves us he makes all things new again! It’s so sweet to welcome the new babes of Spring! A farm down from us has a small flock of sheep and I always go by slowly to admire their baby lambs. Here’s to a season which brings beauty and hope anew to all.
    Jill, wishing you a great time in Illinois:)

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  3. Sweet babies. So cute. Alaska is finally getting a winter lots of snow but we also get the very cold and then warm again. I am already ready for spring. But I will have to wait a few more months. Take care


  4. Those are nice looking calves! We raised registered Polled Hereford (red with a white face) for a while. Nice quiet mothers but frisky babies. So much fun to watch them play!


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