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Good Evening! I wanted to drop you a line and reassure you that I’m still going to post photos from my recent travels and upcoming magazine sneak peeks! I feared you might just quit me, thinking you have to see my mug being silly on video for the rest of your lives! ha! Naw …. while that is a fun way to communicate when I’m on the road, I can still be serious too, and give you lots of eye candy to look at, book recommendations,  and links to music and other fun things you might enjoy.

SO – while I was in PA, Lynne and I made a quick trip over to Washington’s Winter Headquarters in Valley Forge. What incredible hallowed ground that is. The home he stayed in was built in the 1760’s for Issac Potts.


General Washington was encamped here with the Continental Army during the winter and spring of 1777-1778.

Some of his army stayed in various cabins on the farm. If you’re ever in the area, this is a much needed visit.


This past Monday while on my trip to Michigan I had the distinct pleasure of visiting Jane Reed and photographing her incredible home. Last summer, Cheryl had been there photographing her gardens and she will be featured in the upcoming Summer issue of A Simple Life.




I had to share a photo of the wonderful spring basket of flowers that were waiting for me when I got home from Michigan. My dear friend Ginny Curry sent them from Ohio to surprise me. What a heartfelt blessing they were to receive! I love you Ginny! I’m not sure I have ever smelled anything so heavenly!


On a separate subject, I’d like to share a video link with my fellow Ralph Stanley fans. It’s about an hour long, so get settled in your chair when you have time and enjoy this wonderful tale of Ralph’s life. I think you will love it as much as I do!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by for a visit with me! I’m so fortunate to have such awesome friends to share my journey down life’s road with!  Until next time ….


5 thoughts on “Recent Travel Photos

  1. The spring issue just arrived and I am in love once again. Thank you for pouring your heart and soul into each and every issue. I have been to Valley Forge many times and its always refreshing to see new photos of such a somber place. Thanks my friend!


  2. I had the privilege of visiting Valley Forge with our children back in the early 1990s. Like you said, it is a hallowed place and makes one stop and realize what hardships were endured there for our freedom. Those little cabins for the soldiers were brutal accommodations during the Winter but Washington did all he could to take care of his men and give them as much as was possible. I can’t imagine how miserable life must have been just trying to survive the cold.

    Your Spring flowers are gorgeous! I love tulips, hyacinth, and daffodils as they remind me of my yard in Charlottesville every Spring. My Momma brought bulbs from her farm home in Indiana before my Grandparents moved in with us so that we could have flowers that my Grandmother loved and tended many years. There is nothing more welcome than Pink Dogwoods and bulb flowers everywhere for the most beautiful Virginia Spring!


  3. I’ve always thought the Issac Potts home to be so beautiful. I could move right in…though my knees would dislike the staircase! Anyway….a girl can dream.
    Thanks for the Ralph Stanley video and for the time you take doing this blog.


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