Fall Cabins, Screenplays and Soundtracks

What in the world do fall Cabins, Screenplays and Soundtracks have in common?  They all roll around in my mind when I drive too far!  I spent an awesome day with my friend Donna Shepherd this week among her wonderful log cabins all decorated for fall.


She had wagons full of pumpkins and gourds, bittersweet and broom corn! It was  autumn in its glory everywhere you looked. You will love seeing much more from Donna in the fall 2017 issue of A Simple Life!



But on the long drive home, I had plenty of time to let my mind wander. I thought that if I ever wrote a screenplay, this would be on the soundtrack – a sweeping song that speaks of wide-open prairies and an earlier time. Of wagon trains, hardships, fall and log cabins.

And speaking of screenplays, just before I left on my trip I finally got to see “Free State of Jones.”  I didn’t make it to the big screen this summer to see it but it is out on video now and I highly recommend it.  It will give you plenty to think about on so many levels. I am going to watch it again, and probably again, to get some things right in my mind about how I feel about it all. As one video about the subject asks, “Was Newt Knight a coward, a traitor, a deserter of the Confederacy who became a murdering bandit, or was he a man of courage fighting for justice against an oppressive Government? What really happened deep in the Piney Woods of Mississippi over a century ago?”    It’s very deep and very well done. You’ll cry, cheer, feel ashamed of our history and question many things you thought were true and just. The Civil War is not a simple subject, nor were the reasons behind it. The beginning, and certain parts throughout, are not for the faint of heart so be prepared. It will leave you with many emotions. One of the songs from this screenplay is sung by a favorite artist of mine – Lucinda Williams:

So on my next long trip (which is to Alabama next week) I’ll continue writing my screenplay in my head and keep you posted on that! ha!           P.S  CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Charlie Cushman who won Banjo Player of the Year at the IBMA awards last night! And to his group, “The Earls of Leicester” for winning Entertainer of the Year!  Well Deserved!



Oh … it’s so bittersweet to have our fifth annual Days of the Pioneer Antique Show over with.  We work towards it all year long and as it gets closer I begin to anticipate everything. Just think of it – I get to throw a party at the greatest museum of all time, the Museum of Appalachia, and then I get to invite all my favorite people to come! We surround ourselves with the best American Country and Primitive antiques that are all for sale, and then we fill our tummy’s with down-home delicious food, listen to great Old-Time and Bluegrass music and have our likeness made with strolling reenactors. Honestly friends, can it get any better? Not in my book it can’t.


Our friends came out in droves this year – from across the country to see the very best antique dealers in our industry, who brought the finest inventory they could search out over the past year. It was our biggest show ever.



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We only had one slight hitch in our getalong – our wonderful photographer took some awesome photos but her camera card was corrupt and we lost them all! EEEK!  Our dear friend Jack Williams came to the rescue with some great shots and some of our dealers were kind enough to send some too. But if any of our friends out there have some to share I’d love to have them!  I will be working on our website in the coming days, adding the few that I have!  http://www.daysofthepioneer.com

I’m terribly sad it’s over, and I had a lot of work waiting for me when I got home (our Winter issue is about to go to print!)  But for the next 350 days or so, I will relive all my fond memories while I wait to make new ones in 2017!   A HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you to all our awesome customers who came from near and far, a ginormous thank you to the best dealers we could ever hope to bring together, the biggest thank you on the planet to my Simple Life family who help put this together and put up with me for a week, a heartfelt thank you to all the amazing volunteers, musicians and reenactors, and the biggest thanks of all t0 our beloved Museum of Appalachia who does the lion’s share of the work and gives us the backdrop that makes this show the very best possible!