Fall 2016 Sneak Peek!

The Fall issue of A Simple Life Magazine will be going out on approximately August 15th! While the temps are soaring around much of the nation this time of year, it will be a welcome respite!

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As always, I’m so grateful to our wonderful homeowners who worked so hard to get ready for you all to have a look inside their homes and lives. Not only do they have wonderful photo opportunities, but I welcome you to read their stories and get to know them. The homeowners of A Simple Life Magazine are the heart and soul of everything we love in this industry! If you like what you see, drop them a note or email and let them know you enjoyed it!

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The Ohio home of Bob and Sherry Kersteiner is just wonderful. You will enjoy their early home filled with fabulous period appropriate antiques. Sherry has a knack for putting everything together.  Written by the newest addition to our magazine family, Heidi Dangremond.

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The West Virginia home of Seth and Amy Schoonover is full of Autumn inspiration. Fall is one of Amy’s favorite times of the year and it shows. Seth and Amy are truly living a simple life, surrounded by the antiques they enjoy collecting in a home they built with love.

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Our next home takes us to Ontario, Canada to visit the home of Bobby and Christine Kuus. Many of you are familiar with Christine – a leading folk artist and designer in our industry for many years. Their home is fresh and beautiful in nubby linens and many shades of off- whites and greys.

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You will learn a lot from the article by Kris Casucci on early stoneware in the Northeast  and  you’ll also enjoy seeing all the great photos.

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Our last installment on instruments brings us “Guitars and Cadillacs” by Thomas Queen

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And Kenneth Reid brings the second installment from the early diary he found, “Beech Hill Farm, Moseum, NH.”  Oh my goodness folks – this is a MUST READ. If you didn’t get a chance to read the first installment from the Special issue, go back and read that one first. This is a “true” early diary from the late 1800’s set on a farm in rural NH. Wendell, the author is a hoot to say the least. As you read, you have to keep telling yourself, “This is a true diary, not fiction!” I’m tellin’ you – you can’t make this stuff up!

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James Cramer joins us in this issue which is always a treat. Jimmie and I went to visit our friend Patsy Martin, as we often do when I’m up that way, and we did some fall decorating.

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There is all of this and so much more in our upcoming Fall issue friends! Coming soon to a mailbox near you!  Visit the many shops who carry A Simple Life and support our wonderful advertisers too!

Twin Bings & Wide Open Spaces

I’m back in Ole Virginny  (Bugtussle as a dear friend likes to call Galax) after a whirlwind trip to Western Nebraska over the weekend for A Simple Life photo shoot. My growing up summers were spent with family in Western Iowa, not far from the Nebraska border so Eastern Nebraska is a familiar friend – but Western Nebraska was new territory for me.

My gramma lived out on a farm about five miles from a teeny town, but in that town was a corner store. The treat of the summer day if we were good was “going up town” to get a soda and candy bar. The candy bar of choice was most certainly a TWIN BING – made just up the road in Sioux City at the Palmer Candy Company.   I have had a love affair with Twin Bings my whole life. As an adult, my mom always arranged to have family members send a case for my Christmas stocking because you can’t get them outside of Iowa and Nebraska for the most part.

So on this trip, I knew Twin Bings were in my future!

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And yes, I DID bring Todd one – albeit I had to sacrifice that one for the sake of the photo shoot but I did save him a bite.

So my destination took me an hour north of North Platte, Nebraska to the 13,000 acre Prairie Rose Ranch, and home of Duane and Sami McNutt.  No folks, I did not make a typo- that is Thirteen Thousand Acres (which is absolutely impossible to even comprehend.)

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Several times I was reminded of Greg LeFever’s article in our Spring 2013 issue on Sod Houses in Nebraska. Those woman were amazingly tough to live so secluded – with no neighbors, no women to fellowship with, under such harsh circumstances year round. Sami and I spoke of the conditions traveling across the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon. This wide open expanse of country where you can drive for hours and never see a house makes that part of history a little more real after seeing it first hand.

But like those woman in the sod houses who yearned for beauty and made rag rugs for the floors – Sami too surrounds herself with things of beauty inside and out – even though nary a person ever travels out that far to share them with.

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She still grows flowers and grass and expertly arranges her antiques inside the home for her own sense of well being out on the endless prairie. So stay tuned for a future issue to see more of this Tryon, Nebraska home – along with a lot of other great ones we have in store for next year! And until then,    I’ll be dreaming of Twin Bings ….


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Dreams coming true

The time as arrived to take down our cabin and move it to our farm! A season of harvest is upon us and we are blessed beyond all measure. Aunt Cory’s log house came to us through divine intervention and we are so grateful to become her caretakers for the rest of the time we have on this earth.

Aunt Cory's from Sue FB

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The kitchen fireplace is my very favorite part …

cory 9

cory 5

The Master has His hand in every detail, watching over us …

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